You Have Great Ideas! It Just May Not Be Time For Them.

I was listening to a radio talk show on the way home from work today. The host led an intelligent discussion, yes that’s possible, about some topics that are interesting to me. I started to get ideas of blog posts and a book I could write. I quickly remembered that I am working 48 hours this week on top of working on my MBA and taking care of my family. My ideas began to fade, but they don’t have to.

Perhaps it’s just not time for our ideas to flourish. Perhaps it’s a time for us to develop and fine tune them. We don’t need to wait until we have the time to work on our ideas. We can start working on them now in small ways. This will prepare us for the day when we can dedicate more time to them. Here is why I think this is so vital to becoming us.

My work was my life and passion for seven years. I lived and breathed it. It was the experience of a life time. When I left that position to start a new career that would help my husband and I accomplish our goals I entered a world I forgot existed. The world of lifeless and passionless work.

A world where we get up and work 9-5, go home, and get ready to do it all over again. We stop imagining, dreaming, and trying. We get sunk into the corporate ladder and the only way to get out is to climb up. When people ask us what we do with our lives we say I work at company Z, I have X number of kids, and am on Facebook.

Few people say I am writing a book, starting a business, working to get a nonprofit started, molding pieces of art out of clay, painting, or etc. It’s about work. Few people seek anything outside of the 9-5 that truly expresses the beauty of their creativity. I work. I have kids. We take them to ball games.

Our ideas our great and we should work on them. We don’t have to wait until we take vacation or retire. We can work on them a little bit each day. We can develop the person we are. We are not our work. We are not our children. We are not _________.

What do you want to do? Do it. I am spending 30 minutes today writing this blog post. I should be spending a lot more time. I should be reading books on how to write better, developing ideas, laying out a plan for my book, and improving my website, but I couldn’t get all that done today. I did write and in doing so developed a part of who I am outside of everything else.

I feel free. I feel hopeful. I knew that I wasn’t defined by what I do at the office. I am much more and so are you.  Tomorrow I am going to walk down the hall at work with confidence.  Knowing that I know who I am and am going to be that person.  So look out. You will not define me.  I will let you live your life and I ask that you let me live mine.

We have one life. Let’s live it. You never know where your ideas could take you if you put the work into letting them grow and develop. We can do this!


Marcy Pedersen


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