View Through the Picture Window:Bookstore Trip & Life Thoughts

Andersonville, IL

This is a view from within the Women & Children First bookstore in Andersonville, Illinois.  One of my hobbies is to visit local bookstores whenever I travel.  This was one that was on our path for the day so we stopped in.

It is a beautiful store.  One of many in this part of Chicago.

The view through the window was inspiring to me.  A view that I have often thought that I long for.  The city.  Look at all the busyness, the people, activity, and possibility that comes from that.  It has been something that I have longed for living in a rural community.

Life is working out so that we may move in the next few years.  We aren’t sure where we will end up, but my dream of seeing this view everyday is looking more like a real possibility.  Looking out this window I wondered if what I really want is something I can find outside of me, or inside of me.

Life is busy no matter where you are so I don’t need to move very far to find that.  Yet the larger the city the more of everything there is and that is something I am looking for.  I can find people everywhere.  So that’s not it.  What is it?

I guess to me the city stands for opportunity and possibility.  There is an entrepreneurial spirit there.  People aren’t afraid to try.  They support each others goals and ideas.  When you tell someone what you want to do with your life they listen.  There you can dream dreams and achieve goals.

Spring Mill State Park Indiana

Yet doesn’t this view say the same thing?  Isn’t there opportunity here?  Aren’t I free to dream and achieve goals?  Skies the limit here.  In the calm of this scene there is nothing but opportunity and possibilities.

Perhaps what I have always been looking for isn’t found in location, but within me.  Perhaps if I didn’t look for other peoples approval I wouldn’t need to be surrounded by people who support what I want to do.  Perhaps if I overcame my fear I wouldn’t need a change of scenery to give me the courage to do what I want with my life.

We can find inspiration for our lives in many places.  One place I find mine is bookstores.  There I see beautiful visual’s on book covers, titles that spark ideas, and experience a serene mood that promotes contemplation.  Something that I think we need more of today.

Where do you go to be inspired?  Wherever that is I hope you make time to go there.  It’s not important where that place is, just that you go there.  We need a place where we can rest our minds, refresh our souls, and stimulate our imagination.

Marcy Pedersen



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