Venturing Outside Blackened Lines

Shuffle In
Shuffle Out

Public Education.

Being creative exists in one hour allotments known as art class.

Within that time and those walls dear creative souls seek to inspire creativity in the next generation.

Can creativity be inspired in a system?
Can it be initiated in an environment where tests are god?
Be creative, in a one hour slot, and we will grade you on it?

Follow these steps, color this way, and you will receive an A.

By all means don’t venture outside the blackened lines.

Public education has mandated tests to conduct, children to keep safe, and requirements to meet to secure continued funding.

If we truly want to inspire creativity in our children we need to do this ourselves.

In an environment where they can venture outside of the blackened lines.

Where they are encouraged to create, and given the freedom to explore who they are.

A place were they can spill some paint.
Get glue all over their hands,
And make a creative mess.

Don’t venture outside blackened lines.
Your efforts are graded by one person.
Follow the rules.

What a travesty.
What a waste.
What a sadness.

Why do artists and the visionaries of the world seem crazy?
Because they are, or because they venture outside of blackened lines.

They determine not to live like a robot.
They decide that they don’t want to be  tested.
That they want to run.
They want to scream.
They want to enter, not shuffle.
That their  success is not determined by a college transcript.

Let’s start with us.
Today, let’s take a step outside of the blackened lives.  Let’s begin to live.
and then, let’s inspire the next generation to create.

No tests
No lines
No quiet


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