Tips for getting out the front door every morning & why it’s important.

The rush of getting to work in the morning can wear us out physically and mentally.  The alarm goes off, the cat is waiting to get fed, the dog is close behind, there are dishes that need picked up from the night before, the stuff we take to work needs gathered, coffee made, clothes ironed, a million last minutes things, and an attempt to get some laundry going which we may regret later because it was time we should have spent on the road.
When I finally get in the car in the morning I make a sigh of relief.  I did it!  My mind starts to wonder as I make a mental list of all the things I didn’t get done.  I start to make a deal with myself to prepare better tonight so that I don’t have to rush anymore, but as soon as I hit the door after work the night rush starts and my lack of energy causes me to justify what really needs done and what can wait.  That is of course if I remember what all needs done.  After a long day at work who can remember.
Here are some tips for getting out the front door with a peace of mind:
  1. Keys all in one place.  I place baskets and/or sorters on the front table of our house when you walk in.  A place for keys, a place for the mail, change, pens, and do dad’s.  It’s all there in the morning when I need it.
  2. What the car needs.  I often search the cold icy ground for our only ice scrapper at 5:30 a.m. What we need is to determine what our car might need on different occasions and then have those items stored so that we can easily find them.  I guess I shouldn’t have randomly thrown the scrapper last time I used it before driving off.
  3. Let it go.  When all four kids were home I actually used to try to have the entire house picked up AND the beds made before I left.  This caused me more anxiety and wore me out before I even got to work.  Guess what?  You are busy.  Ask yourself if this REALLY needs done before you leave.  Can you keep your sanity and do this task?  When you are busy and have a family we sometimes have to let some things go.  One of my things was ensuring the beds were made every morning.
  4. Set a realistic goal for how long it takes to get to work.  I can probably get there if I leave by X. Going the speed limit or weaving in and out of traffic?  When I get up earlier than normal I have more time to get ready and drive to work at a normal pace.  It really makes a difference in my day and my night. I’m more relaxed and productive because I didnt rush.
  5. Accept things you cant change.  Like your bad hair day, crappy wardrobe, the fact you walked out with a stain on your shirt, and pretty much anything else you can’t control.  I look in the mirror and say this is my hair.  It sucks but I did the best I could.  I’m going to conquer this day with this hair!  Yeah!
  6. The night before.  If you spend a few minutes the night before getting ready you can get your clothes picked out, things you need gathered, a lunch made, ensure you have gas in your car, and so forth.  There is already so much to do, but if we develop some good nightly habits they will help us in the morning.
Why is this important?
The most important parts of our lives are the ones we live everyday.  We live more everyday life than we do the special moments.  This means that it is important to make everyday count.  If we want to be creative, start a new project, hobby, or to craft we need the time to do that.  If we are intentional about the way we use our time then we will find the time we need to start something new, or continue something important.
We are often not where we want to be in life.  That is no excuse for not tackling it in the most positive way that we can.  When my morning routine is spot on then I start my day off strong and am ready to tackle what comes my way.  I can walk into work with my head held high and confident.  Being intentional about how we use our time will give us the freedom to use it to build a great life.  Taking our personal time as serious as we do our work time is a huge step towards moving forward with our goals and our life.
Let’s do this thing!  We only get one shot.
Marcy Pedersen

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