Tips for Getting Back Into the Swing of Things


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When the past few years of your life have been difficult it can be daunting to face another year. When you aren’t in a place you want to be in your life it’s hard to imagine what another year of this will be like. Perhaps we are just tired and just don’t want to get back into the swing of things after the holiday’s.


Some tips for moving forward productively.

Act and don’t rationalize.

I have to pick up my MBA homework today. The thought of getting back into the swing of that on top of work is overwhelming, but if I act and stop thinking about it I will be back into the swing of things before I know it. You too. Don’t overthink it. Just start doing stuff.

Identify what’s causing you dread.

Laundry causes me dread every moment of my life. I have some choices. Do it and move on, pay someone to do it for me, or buy new clothes on a consistent basis. Identify what’s causing you dread and make a plan to change it by actually taking action. If it’s your job than start applying for new ones this week. Don’t think, act.

Recognize feelings follow actions.

The tasks that I dread now are moving out another child, continuing our remodel to prepare to sell our house, figuring out my career, dealing with the joy of student loans that accompany the completion of my MBA this year, and trying to figure out if my writing is a mid-life crisis hobby or a serious endeavor that I should continue. I don’t want to face any of this. I want to continue to avoid it and hope that it goes away, but I must recognize that these foreboding feelings are a result of inaction. Once I get back into the swing of things and start acting feelings of accomplishment will follow. Do you want to overcome the anxiety, fear, and dread of life? Start acting and before long they will fade away.

Life is a lot, but we can’t avoid it. We don’t want to spend the first few weeks of the year meandering around aimlessly. We need to dive in. In a few weeks we will be knee deep and it will be as if Christmas never happened. Well except the absence of our savings account and slim pickings in our checking will remind us of how much cheer we spread around this year.

Act. Don’t think about acting. Take down the decorations, clean up the house, get mentally prepared to tackle work and college, and get into it. If something isn’t working take one action this week to change that.

Overcome feelings of dread by tackling the things you dread the most. I can overcome the dread of our remodel by painting. Once we are into it again we will be three months down the road and have the house up for sale. It will be like magic.

Stop overthinking. Start acting and then you will see results.

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