They Try It: How Curiosity Can Lead to Discovery

Tomorrow I give my notice. In three weeks I start down a new career path. I have spent two years trying to figure out what the next step in my career should be to accomplish our goals. My current job was a mistake. I knew it the first week I was there. I have gone through the stages of accepting that. Overcoming pride, admitting my mistake, accepting where I am at at this stage of my career, and making a plan to get back on track.

I watch my 20 something children and am in awe of the fearlessness they display. They remind me of me at that age. An age where I felt the weight of responsibility, but didn’t understand the long term consequences of the decisions I was making. I didn’t care. I lived for the moment and was doing what I thought was right for the moment. Some of it worked out, and some of it didn’t work out. I was proactive in figuring things out.

Today I am at that stage in life where we often think we have arrived. We think we know. We see the folly of our youth, and the benefit of it. We want to re-capture the freedom we had then. Less responsibility more living, yet we have to figure out how to do so with a lot more complications in life and with a lot more understanding of the consequences of our decisions.

They Try It…..

Young children try things. They are curious and proactive in figuring things out.

We judge. They poke.
We label. They prod.
We know. They search.
We want to be right. They just want to figure it out.

Are we too old to still figure things out? I don’t think so. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate mid-life, set new career and life goals and achieve them. I think the only way I will really be able to do that successfully is to poke, prod and search. Whatever is going to be a part of my future isn’t apart of my present.

It’s not about being right. It’s about arriving at an answer.
Sometimes the answer is wrong, and that’s okay. As my brother told me, “Marcy, don’t be so prideful you can’t admit you made a mistake. The bigger mistake is not to admit it and then stay where you are.”

This week we head back into the same old routine. People will try to mold us into their image. They will try to convince us that our life’s purpose is wrapped up in daily tasks that we get paid for. They will question any slight move we make to break out of the norm. Don’t let them. You were made for something greater then the 9-5 rat race. So poke, prod and search. Start asking questions and finding the answers. The process of doing so will mold you into the person you are really meant to be.

Marcy Pedersen


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