The Most Vital Moment of Your Life: #1 Mornings

Why is our morning routine so important? Because mornings are a part of our lives and all parts of our lives are important.  Every minute is important not just special times.  It’s a time to wake up and embrace the day before us.  Waking up is reason enough to figure out how to make the best of each day.

Does everything always have to be about the next thing?  That next vacation, the next promotion, the new job, the next degree, the new car, the bigger house, the new baby, the new spouse, new shoes, better quality food, and the weekend?

When does it become about now?  When we get the cancer diagnosis, when we go to a funeral, when we deal with regret, when the kids leave home, when our marriage ends, or when we want to end it all?

The Vital Moments of Life Are Now

On a cold Wednesday night in 2011 we said good bye to my father.  At the moment he left the world all that he did for us and with us became important.  I didn’t look back on our life together and think more of the vacations we took then I did the way he sang to me how I was the most beautiful girl in the world.  I didn’t remember the birthday day gifts as much as the hugs.  I didn’t consider how big our home was or what car he drove to be important, but how he tried to widen my view of the world and encourage me to find my place in it.  The vital moments of my life with dad were every moment we shared together and I hold on to those memories with all my strength. I am afraid time will steal them from me.

Life has to be about today because to live with only a few special times in our lives would be a great sadness.  Perhaps we drag ourselves to work every day because we have come to believe that our happiness will only be found on the weekends or our next vacation.  Perhaps making something great out of everyday life isn’t about what we do, or where we do it, but how we do it.  Perhaps it’s about who we are not where we are.

Living for Today

Living for today isn’t about orchestrating the perfect life.  It isn’t about finding the perfect job, or even about making the highest pay.  It’s about people, the actions we take and who we are.  The vital moments of life are about connecting with others.  It’s about looking people in the eye and asking them how they are doing with the intention of listening to their story.  It’s about sharing a drink, grabbing a coffee, sitting down to a meal, or crying on someones shoulder.

Living for today isn’t about your job.  I have spent the past two years in a career and life transition.  I was convinced that my life would line out when my career did.  When my career goals didn’t line up I was devastated and lost.  I learned that my life doesn’t need to go on hold because I am not working where I want to be.  I can truly live each day by embracing where I am and making the most of what I have.  I am still working to get where I want to be, but in the mean time I am actively involved in my daily life and taking action to make every day a great day.

Living for today isn’t about where you are.  It’s about developing who we are inside and being that person now.  My father poured his life into mine.  He used everything in my life to teach me and help me grow. He taught me how to observe and see the bigger picture and instilled in me a genuine curiosity for how things work.  He taught me that it’s about who you are not just what you do or who you know.  Living for today is about being us in every situation.  No matter where I am I can be creative, ask questions, learn, create new ideas, and connect with others.  I am not limited by my environment.  I can be who I am today.  I don’t need to wait.

The morning routine is important to living for today because it sets the tone for our day.  The more prepared we are for the day the more prepared we will be to handle whatever comes our way.  Life is hard and full of trials.  Even in the midst of those we can enjoy the vital moments of life and those are today. Let’s make it great!

Marcy Pedersen


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  1. Yes you are so right – Let’s make lige great… we are the ones in charge … I was raised in a family where everyone believed in destiny. Now I realize that it is us who control and create the beauty of our lives. Thank you for this inspiring post. Smiles & Hugs 🙂

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