The Dream Now: I Don’t Have the Time or Money.

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The pressing bills and responsibilities in life make our current dreams look like a joke, a pipe dream, a coping method, or one of those things that she just does to get through her mid-life crisis (wink,wink). Isn’t it cute that she blogs.  Come on let’s go do something real.

There simply isn’t time.  I have read the articles.

  • Be more productive
  • Follow this morning routine and change your life
  • Cut this out and you will succeed
  • Follow these 3 steps towards success

Okay.  With a full time job, overtime, second job, two kids still at home, animals to be fed and loved, MBA homework, a husband to care for (sorry share in the responsibilities, ha!) where does a hobby or side project fit?  It doesn’t.  I am operating on fumes and barely getting anything done on my to do list.  Important relationships are being neglected, there is all that reading I want to do, my gym membership is patiently waiting and my husband’s continue mid-career/life crisis is draining my will to live (figuratively).

We have a house that needs sold, credit card debt that needs paid off, looming student loans, kids going to college, vacations to take, and Christmas is chugging it’s way back into my life again.  I am sorry did someone say something about success, achieving goals, and working on my dream.  Shouldn’t I be getting a third job?

The Dream Now

The dream now well doesn’t fit in and doesn’t make sense.  There is no room for it in our lives and no funds available for it’s investment.  The dream today, whatever that may be, doesn’t need to fit, make sense, or a lot of money.  It needs a fighting chance.  It needs room to grow and develop.  To breathe.  It needs to just be a thing we do for whatever reason.  Perhaps a thing we can’t even share with others because if we did they would be sure to put that fire out.

What would it mean to work on your hobby, project, or side hustle today?  For me it means at least 30 minutes everyday and an hour on the weekend.  It means getting up early on the weekend and staying up late on weekend nights.  It means no t.v. and a lot of effort to cram in time for working on what I hope to do one day more seriously.  It means working on my project during breaks at work and on my lunch and anywhere I can pull out my journal or laptop and starting writing things down.

I got a phone call the other day. Someone close to me said they had to get a biopsy.  We were scared.  At that moment I was reminded of how fragile life is and how important it is to seize the moment.  Life is short and we can’t wait to live it.  We must seize the day now!  Fit in what you can, don’t rationalize it, and don’t let it die.  Whatever it is that you are yearning to do is important.  So let’s find the time and ways to make the money we need to start that hobby, project, or side hustle.  Today is the day!

Marcy Pedersen



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