The Art of Making Today Great

When that one day comes, that event happens, I become that age, get that project done, or get that job than I will be happy.
Once we get to that point, have that thing, get that behind us, or get over that than we will be at a good place.
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It’s never about today.  It’s always about how to get to the next thing.  If we can never find a way to make today great, despite what is going on, than we will not know how to make tomorrow great when we get there.
Perhaps what needs to change in our life is finding joy in our daily work, our current home, city, in our family and life situation.
If we are always chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we will never enjoy the journey on the way?  What if the pot isn’t where we think it will be, or doesn’t give us what we hope for?  What we will do then?  Start chasing another pot.
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Enjoy today as a way of preparing for a great tomorrow…..
1.  Do something everyday that you enjoy.  Spend a few minutes doing something that makes you happy.  I am COMPLETELY not where I want to be in my work or life, yet I can still read, listen to music, workout, and eat good food.  So that is bringing me joy today.
“What day is it?  It’s today, ” squeaked Piglet.  My favorite day,” said Pooh (A.A. Milne)
2.  Enjoy the process.  As you set goals and change your life to meet them you are growing and changing.  Most of life occurs along the journey so if we don’t enjoy the process we don’t enjoy most of life.  My life journey is helping me to grow, see things more clearly, and sometimes giving me a painful new perspective.  This means something meaningful is actually coming out of my life!  Yes!  For those reasons the process is good.
“Life is a journey not the destination”  Ralph Waldo Emerson
3.  Engage.  My daughter moved to attend college a month ago.  She was miserable the first few weeks and almost came back home.  We encouraged her to engage in her new environment.  The more she has engaged the more she has found happiness where she is.  Cutting off from our current environment will make us unhappy, but engaging even when we want to be somewhere else will help us find meaning and joy today.
4.  Connect with people.  Whether we like them or not they are a part of our lives.  If you make today about connecting with people you will be engaged and you will find purpose.  People can help shape and mold you. They can show us how to live and how not to live.  A day spent connecting to people is a good day.  Practice now so that when you get where you want to be you will be good at connecting with new friends and co-workers.
5.  Embrace the ordinary.  Life is made up of a bunch of everyday routines.  We just end up doing laundry, cooking, eating, cleaning, getting groceries, paying bills, checking emails, and making money.  Even the exciting can become ordinary over time so embrace the ordinary and bring your A-game to it.
Now most people do not want an ordinary life in which they do a job well, earn the respect of their collaborators and competitors, bring up a family and have friends. That’s not enough any more, and I think that is absolutely tragic – and I’m not exaggerating – that people feel like a decent, ordinary, fun life is no longer enough. John Cleese
What if we just want to enjoy today and we don’t want to move to a new city, change jobs, or transform our lives?  Those people aren’t reading this.  Perhaps those people are content and are off living their lives.  Perhaps this is for the rest of us who always want bigger, better, and to be far away.  There is always opportunity and there is always  more we can do, and there is also great value in accepting what we have today.  If we want to make goals for our future wouldn’t it be better to do that with a settled mind and peaceful soul.  Perhaps the way to do that is to spend as much time making today great as we are tomorrow.
Marcy Pedersen

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