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For over ten years I counseled, mentored, and coached men and women to help them get through crisis situations to where they wanted to be.  We identified obstacles, outlined steps for overcoming them, and I was able to coach them as they took steps to get ahead.

I have a passion for helping others live the life they want and want to help you life the life you want.  I am passionate about helping others pursue their artistic talent and helping them see how they can be creative.  I started this blog to provide support so others will be inspired to live the life they want and be motivated to take the next steps in moving forward to achieve their goals and passions.

I am currently working on my MBA to help accomplish my career goals, blog, write for a local newspaper, and work as a management analyst for a local company.  I have over seven years of experience counseling, mentoring, teaching, and organization development experience.

For many years I was stuck living someone’s elses life.  I was stifled by fear and used the excuses of work and children to prevent me from developing myself, generating ideas, and moving forward with my goals.  I thought being creative was for people who could quit their jobs and pursue their art full time, or who worked in Silicon Valley.  Being creative and pursuing our art is what we do and is who we are.  Let’s get to being that person.


Why a Prolific Anthology?

A Prolific Anthology is for anyone who wants to be artistic and live a creative life.  Perhaps you want to paint as a hobby, build cars, draw, start a business selling paintings, or explore a new way of doing things at home.  This site is for you if:

  • Your like Suzy:  Suzy is stuck in her 9-5 job and can’t find the time to write like she wants to.
  • Your like Bob:  Bob gets ideas once in a while of a side project he could carving wood boats, but his busy life and responsibilities keep him from trying.
  • Your like Steve:  Steve wants to pursue ideas, but doesn’t think it is a good time. It is always a good time Steve.  Let’s figure out how.
  • Your like me:  You need support for pursuing your ideas, need encouragement to keep at your artistic endeavors, and want to spend more time being creative than pushing paper work.


I have counseled and mentored a lot of people in different life situations.  I never met anyone who I couldn’t help identify the first three steps for moving forward.  There is ALWAYS opportunity!  Always.  Let’s find it and create a great life.

Marcy Pedersen


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  1. Thanks for a truly wonderful blog! I can relate to what you say about losing yourself. I’ve felt the same as I’ve worked through relationships until I found my ‘Home’ with my fiancé. Over the years small parts chip away and leave you less than whole. I’ve always wanted to write but having not done ‘great’ at school I put it to the back of my mind. I’m now ready! Just reading your Start Here page gives me inspiration! Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts!

      1. When I get the notification come up and that little noise to say someone has commented I am so happy! It means what I’ve wrote has made someone take the time to comment! That means the world to me and I’m happy I’ve made someone else feel the same!

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