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For many years I told myself that I couldn’t be creative, or live the life I wanted because I was raising kids, because of my job, and many other reasons.  Somewhere along  the way I lost myself.  A part of me that should have been growing died.

When I was in high school I liked to play the flute, and wrote poems. In my 20’s came marriage, children and the responsibilities of life and work.  I didn’t know back then that you could lose yourself and gradually let life define me, and not me define my life.

Now in my 40’s a career and life transition have helped me to see that I did lose myself.  I forgot who I was, what I liked, what I was made to do.  I am finding myself again.  I am learning about my talents, ways I want and need to be creative and how I want to use those talents in my daily life and career.

I am now on a journey to re-discover my hidden talent, and express it in my everyday life, at work, and in my budding new career as a writer.  I believe that we are all made as unique people, with inherent talents, and that those talents should be expressed.  I want to help others find their hidden talent, and encourage them to use it in their everyday life.

Why Prolific?

Prolific Anthology is a collection of ideas, inspiration and resources to help you discover and develop you’re talent, and use it today. To really live an artistic, aesthetic and creative life.

We each have talents and those talents can be used in our lives each day. We are writers, musicians, orators, cooks, painters, sculptors, decorators, actors, designers, photographers and artists of all sorts. Our talent can and should be used at home and at work to enrich peoples lives, and as a way to express ourselves as creative beings.

I want to help others live a creative life.  I want you to understand who you are and be able to express your creativity and talent.  I don’t want anyone else to lose themselves and forget who they are.  This blog was created to inspire you to use your talents today, discover new ones and be able to live an artistic, aesthetic and creative life.

I am thankful you are here. I know you are a talented person and hope that I can encourage you to live a creative life.

Marcy Pedersen

3 thoughts

  1. Thanks for a truly wonderful blog! I can relate to what you say about losing yourself. I’ve felt the same as I’ve worked through relationships until I found my ‘Home’ with my fiancé. Over the years small parts chip away and leave you less than whole. I’ve always wanted to write but having not done ‘great’ at school I put it to the back of my mind. I’m now ready! Just reading your Start Here page gives me inspiration! Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts!


      1. When I get the notification come up and that little noise to say someone has commented I am so happy! It means what I’ve wrote has made someone take the time to comment! That means the world to me and I’m happy I’ve made someone else feel the same!


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