Something The Darkness Can’t Take From You: Quick Thought On the Things That Are Worth Defending

Last night I was able to enjoy an hour alone watching an episode of Endeavour, a BBC series.    I prefer to watch BBC alone.  I want to experience it.  To concentrate on the story, the visuals, the dialogue and the characters.

My dad got me hooked on BBC Mystery as a child.  Back then we could only watch it on PBS and usually late at night.  With the help of my Roku and Amazon Fire I can watch it anytime I want.  It’s actually all I watch.  I have so many years of catching up to do.  PBS didn’t quite keep me current.

In the last scene of episode 2, season 1, a young Inspector Morse, asks DI Thursday how he leaves the job at the front door when he gets home.  The following is his response.


DC Endeavour Morse: How do you do it? Leave it at the front door?

DI Fred Thursday: ‘Cause I have to. Case like this will tear a heart right out of a man. Find something worth defending.

DC Endeavour Morse: I thought I had! Found something.

DI Fred Thursday: Music? I suppose music is as good as anything. Go home. Put your best record on. Loud as it’ll play. And with every note, you remember: That’s something the darkness couldn’t take from you.

[Thursday walk away, Morse emotionally looks at the view of Oxford and then leaves the rooftop]

Inspector Morse likes music, particularly classical music and opera.  He likes to enjoy his music and a glass of wine after work.  His music helps him to wind down, and gives him the opportunity to think through cases.  Music appreciation is his craft.

In this scene DI Thursday tells Morse to use his music as an escape from work.  Since music is his passion than it’s the something worth defending.  It’s something that no one can take away from him.  I was particularly struck by the line,

“And with every note, you remember:  That’s something the darkness couldn’t take from you.”

Wow.  Let that link sink in for a while.  No matter what happens during a day of policing they can’t take away Morse’s music.  He is able to keep that as something for himself.  What about you?  What is your something?  What do you have that is worth fighting for?

At different times in my life I have said that my something was my kids, my marriage, my family and my God.  They are all very important to me, but what at the end of the day is my something I can go home to put on and play loud as it’ll go?

It’s my books.

It’s my reading.

It’s becoming my writing.

It’s the weight machine at the fitness club.

It’s my hobby of visiting used book stores.

That’s what I have that no one can take away.  No matter how hard life has been I can come home, sit in my library, and dive into my books.  I can read and study and learn.  I can even escape if I want to.  When the mood strikes I can write.  Nothing in my day, no amount of darkness, can take that away from me.  It’s a part of me I get to keep.

I hope you know what your something is, and that you leave life at the front door,

Marcy Pedersen



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