Shit keeping you from getting the important shit done.

Why am I cussing?  I don’t know.  It just hit me how many small things become big things and then keep us from getting important things done.  I wish I was a minimalist. Perhaps then I wouldn’t have to deal with all this shit.
  • The wrong hair spray.  I mean it throws off my whole day.
  • The linen cabinet has old crap in it causing us to feel bad about not getting easy stuff done, but the moment we shut it we forget how many five year old bottles of Vicks Vapor Rub we have in there.
  • The sculpting gel.  I got a perm a few years ago.  Actually I am not even sure how many years ago that was now.  I still have the curly sculpting gel.
  • The brand new exercise bag in your closet (wtf).  I exercise regularly, but seeing that bag in there reminds me of how much more active I was when I had a “need” for that bag.
  • That bag of clothes that needs to go to the thrift store.  There is always a bag of something that needs taken to Goodwill.  I think the bag that is in my closet now was a bag I said I would donate to someone at work.  Well five or six months later I doubt they need it.
  • That errand you forgot to do.  The lady at the place that mends our pants hates when I show up.  She knows it will be weeks before I pick up whatever they fix.  She should just wait six months and give me a call.
  • Our obsession with the right product (do I really need Frizz Ease?).  When my kids were young I woke up, took a shower, put my hair in a pony tail and got through the day.  Now I have products for everything.  Why?
  • You don’t listen to your workout music during the day.  When I do I feel pumped up for what’s coming later.
  • Shit that needs sent out is laying around.  We have things to send back and things that we need to get on Ebay to sell.  I think there must be a requirement I read once stating that your stuff should sit it in “the chair” a couple months before we deal with it.
You are not using Evernote, or something to capture your ideas.  When the flood of ideas comes for projects and solutions it is often at inopportune times.  Today I wrote half of  this in between getting dressed, putting my make up on, and blowing dry my hair.  I popped my lap top open on the bed, opened up Evernote, and started typing.  Evernote is synced to my phone so that I can add and take away anytime I need to.  I doubt I understand half of what Evernote is about, but that’s okay.  I have learned to make it work for me.
More shit:
  • You clean all at once instead of periodically.
  • You don’t put the hangers up.  That coupled with the Goodwill bag in your closet and the stuff in “the chair” that needs dealt with will start to weigh on you.
  • You don’t roll your sleeves up before you put the shirt on.  So much easier to do after you iron and before you put the shirt on.  You can get the nicest roll.
  • You don’t untangle the iron.  The cords keeps twisting and turning itself until you can barely reach the ironing board, or towel/counter top combo.  Then you get mad and start your day off with a battle with household products.
This is all little stuff, but it’s the little stuff that actually matters.  No one gets anywhere based off of big actions.  We get somewhere based off a series of small actions that lead to big things.
We know this.  We don’t ask our children to run before they walk.  We understand the progression.  Roll over, sit up, pull up, crawl, stand alone, and then walk.  A year or so later you will run.  Once you can run you can jump, learn to skip, climb, and get into all sorts of trouble.  As adults we often forget the progression.  We live in an instant age and want instant success.  We try to go from sitting up to running and forgetting everything in between.
If I added up how all this shit affected my day I am sure it would be astounding at how much time I could save by simply taking care of simple things.  It would also make me feel more confident that I could come home after work and get important things done. It’s easier to take the bag to Goodwill then it is to tackle all these small projects.  Once the pile gets too big then it will eat up time that we could spend getting some really amazing things done!
Now go.  Take care of your shit.  It’s part of what needs done so that you can accomplish something greater than straightening out the cord on your iron.
“You need to be content with small steps.  That’s all life is.  Small steps that you take every day so when you look back down the road it all adds up and you know you covered some distance”. (Katie Kacvinsky)
Marcy Pedersen

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