Saturday in The Library: Contemplating, Reading and Writing; my lifeline

The house is quiet.

I can hear the coffee pot gurgling, and the clock ticking.

It’s Saturday morning.  I managed to get up before anyone else so I can write and read.  I do the same thing early Sunday mornings.

As I sit in my recliner I can see out our front double window, and front door.  I can see the field across the street.  It is teeming with life.  At this point of the summer it is probably teaming with too much life.  Meaning bugs and crawling things, but that doesn’t mask it’s green beauty.


I can see the dew painting the top of the grass.  The sun is shining.  Our new kitten is taking in the view too.  She plays, then rests, and then plays again.  Our 10 year old labrador does what lab’s do best.  He stands guard on the front porch.  He gazes over his domain.

Morning is when I can think.  When I can be.  There are no decisions to be made, no worries to get anxious over, and no fears to conquer.  The mind is clear, and the heart is prepared for another day.  Everything that clouded my mind last night is gone.  What was I worried about?  I don’t know.  Morning has washed it away.

I am a clean slate.  It is a perfect time to create, plan, read, think and process life.  Saturday and Sunday mornings are vital to me.  They are the two favorite times of my week.  It is when I rest, and enjoy the serenade of the birds, the crickets, the wind blowing through the leaves, and of life.

Here are some benefits of taking time to enjoy our home, and spending some quiet time resting:

  • Allows us to rest, and heal.
  • Gives us time to refocus.
  • Gives us time to evaluate priorities and values.
  • Gives us the opportunity to enjoy life and the home we work so hard to pay for.
  • It gives us the opportunity have a vacation mindset at home, where we need it, and to stop relying on the two weeks vacation we get a year to rejuvenate us.
  • Gives us time to set new goals.
  • Gives us time to think.

I am more helped by my Saturday and Sunday mornings in the library, which is just a living room when you walk in our house, with Ikea book shelves and some recliners,  then any vacation I have been on.  I look forward to the weekend and my quiet reflection time.  I get excited on Friday’s thinking about what books I will read, writing in my journal, and hearing the birds sing to me.

If you don’t have a quiet time in your life I would encourage it.  It’s good for the mind, and it’s good for the soul.  It’s not something the Internet, TV or the fast paced activities of life can give you.  It’s something we need, or I need, to help me develop, cope, and succeed in life.

Marcy Pedersen



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      1. I’ve got a notebook I write ideas down and finding a space is one of them that will be ticked off sooner rather than later!
        Thank you again and I certainly will let you know when I find my writing space! For now … it will continue to be in the garden!

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