Recognizing What Sparks Creativity, Ideas & Break Throughs.

Our time is limited. We work all day, have kids and responsibilities at night, and little time to pursue anything else. Days, weeks and months go by without a break. We get stuck in the rote and routine of life.

It becomes important to make some observations about ourselves so that we can determine what sparks our creativity, ideas, and will give us break throughs when problem solving. Just because we don’t have the time to pursue our interests full time doesn’t mean we can’t pursue them with the time we have.

Here are some tips for recognizing what sparks your creativity, ideas and break throughs.

1. Reading-get out your journal, and read anything. Reading opens the mind, and having a pen in your hand and an open journal nearby will ensure you capture the first things that come into your mind.
2. Music-this one is a no brainer, but not for everybody. Try different styles of music, listen to music in different ways, at different times and when you are in different moods. See what happens.
3. Quiet-Take some times to be still, and quiet. On Saturday’s I open up my laptop to my writing app, and to my Evernote journal, and read, meditate, and think. It all flows after that and I capture it as it does.
4. Nature-the view of a beautiful field, a mountain, the ocean, or of the sky in your backyard can be very freeing. It takes you out of yourself.
5. City-Country folks may be invigorated by the sound and view of a busy city. I recently escaped to Chicago to enjoy the busyness, culture, diversity, and freedom. It worked.
6. Take Action-Do something in your area of interest. Take a writing class, sign up for a local play, sing in a local choir, develop a website, fix a computer, do something. Anything. It will get you thinking, and that will lead to new ideas.
7. Play-kids are creative, and kids play. Grab some Legos, or modeling clay and spend a few minutes doing something that makes no sense.
8. People-Be around groups of people. We can learn so much from others, especially those we don’t know. Watch, learn and observe.
9. Exercise-Nothing clears my mind quicker then a short jog, lifting weights or power walk. When I am finished I often forget what I was worried about during the day, and feel refreshed and ready to tackle new projects.
10. And anything else. Anything that inspires you.  Pay attention to yourself.  The next time you are inspired look at what you were doing, or not doing to see what inspires you.

Don’t let life slip by without pursuing the things that you truly want to do. We get busy and before we know it a month or two slips by, and before we know it another year ends and we still haven’t ___________.

Be inspired.
Capture your ideas, and look for break throughs.
And then, and then you have to do it. You have to do that thing you thought of.

Tonight I ordered pizza instead of cooking. Relaxed on the couch instead of doing laundry, and made myself get up, and write this post. A post that I thought of today at lunch while reading.

I know what to do to find inspiration, do you?

Marcy Pedersen


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  1. Great ideas! Exercise really does clear the mind, and it also lowers stress levels. It makes such a difference in my life!

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