Quick Tip for Putting Away Laundry

When it’s time to put laundry away here is a quick tip for making things easier.

First of all it starts in the closet.  In the picture on the left I just pulled a shirt off the hanger.  This is bad for the shirt, and makes it difficult later when looking for a hanger to hang clean clothes with.  Sure right now that hanger is sticking up, but later it gets lost in the clothes and the hunt begins to find an empty hanger.

Instead of that hassle try this:

  1. When using a piece of clothing in your closet, take the hanger off the rod, and gently pull the piece of clothing off.
  2. Chose a spot in your closet to put loose hangers.  Simply put the unused hanger there for future use.

That’s it.  Next time you go to hang clean laundry you will find it much easier.  The hangers are all in one place and ready for use. I have saved myself a lot of time, and frustration by following this tip.  You will thank yourself for this, and so will your clothes.



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