On the Verge: Overcoming Negativity

I am so proud of my daughter, friend, and creative counselor.  She has amazing talent, and a free spirit.  She has a love for food, graphic design, photography, and new experiences.  We are on a creative journey together.  To discover our hidden talent, and share it with the world.

Samantha has had many critics lately.  They keep asking her, why do you post so much about food.  Well she likes good food, restaurants, taking pictures of food, and illustrating food, and what is wrong with that?


This past week Samantha hit a tipping point.  She heard one too many comments.  Why do you post so much about food?  Well because I want to, and now I am going to share my love for food with the world.  The above illustration is her first steps towards doing that.  I hope that soon she will start her own blog, and share her amazing food photography with the world.

Her illustration may seem simple, and meaningless to some, but to me it means the world.  It means she is ready to express a part of herself whether others support that or not.  I couldn’t be more proud, and in my eyes she is already a success.

If you want to see more of her art, or photographs please visit her Instagram account.  She is a fun free spirit who I absolutely enjoy.  I look forward to our  next creative outing.  Possibly a visit to the local art museum, or a poem reading.  Anything that gets us near other artists, and inspires our creativity.

Marcy Pedersen



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