Obstacles to Creativity

What keeps us from being creative?

So many things right?  I mean the fact that I have to work a 9-5 desk job could be one.  Yet for the past year I have been making strides to discover and express my talent, to create, and pursue ideas.

It is a battle to maintain momentum, a creative mindset and the courage to try my ideas.  Here are some things that I believe are obstacles to our creativity:

  • Drama.  Drama with children, in marriage, at work, and with just life.  I have three adult children, and one still in school. There is plenty of drama, and the minute it starts my mind shifts to that.
  • Financial Stress.  I don’t know about you but when the finances are low I have a hard time writing a blog post.  I mean how can I write, paint, or pursue a creative passion when it isn’t helping us to pay the bills?  Sure these things can pay one day, but what if they aren’t paying now?  Do we do our art just to get paid?
  • One Comment.  Why do you blog?  Aren’t there a million blogs?  You don’t have a writing degree do you?  Don’t you have a desk job?  What do you know about writing? One simple comment can get us off track.  One small piece of doubt.
  • Lack of Discipline.  I used to think that being creative was something you did in the moment.  I thought if I just set the right mood then I can be creative.  If I play the right music, in the right room in the house, with a view of course, then the ideas will flow and my imagination will soar.  No.  Sure I like to write in front of a window with a view, but creativity and ideas come from looking at life, persistent observation, thinking, meditation, and practicing our art.  If I don’t discipline myself then I often don’t make the time to create, and develop ideas.
  • Day Job. Ok so we have to work a day job.  The bills have to be paid, and we can let that discourage us from being creative outside of work.  We might think that because our job doesn’t give us opportunity to be creative that we can’t be creative in other ways.  Not true!  This is your life.  Live it.
  • Success.  Perhaps we don’t want to try anything that doesn’t promise to be a success.  What if I don’t make it big?  What if my painting doesn’t sell?  What if I never open an art gallery?  What if no one reads my blog?

There are numerous things that can become obstacles to our creativity.  If we can identify what they are we can come up with solutions, and be ready the next time they threaten to get in our way.  Your art and creativity are important because you are important.  We can do this, and we should.  So let’s step over whatever is in the way and get back at it.

The world will be a better place with your art, creativity and ideas in it.

Marcy Pedersen


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