Life Transition: Creating When We Feel Lost

On my best day right now I feel lost in a desert that has no end.  I am in a time of life where there are many transitions.  In fact all of my life is transitioning.  At the same time I am trying to re-discover myself and make being creative, and pursuing ideas, a priority.  Yet how in the world can we do that when everything that was familiar to us changes?

Broadened Vision

For 7 years I worked the same job, maintained the same activities, had all my  children at home, and enjoyed what felt comfortable and familiar.  All of that has changed.  Though those changes are difficult they are giving me a broader vision for life.  I am seeing life anew.  I am seeing new possibilities, new opportunities, and new vision.

Emptiness and Loss

The emptiness and loss that I feel are driving me to seek new ways of coping with life.  I am reaching out to new people for help, finding new activities to fill my time, and discovering what is really important at this stage of life.

Loss of the Familiar

The only thing familiar to my life right now is my house and family.  Everything else has changed.  My schedule changed, friends, job, etc.  For someone who likes a routine and structure this has been difficult.  However the loss of the familiar is forcing me to get used to new things, and that is inspiring a new level of creativity, and providing me with new inspiration for life.

Vanishing of Enthusiasm

At the same time I am trying to focus on being creative, and expressing my creativity, I also have a diminishing enthusiasm.  So the moment I see new ways of living, and creating, is also the moment I have the least amount of enthusiasm for life.

Fresh Imagination

All of these elements are providing me with a fresh imagination and can provide you with a fresh imagination.  Transitions are difficult, but what may seem like negative aspects during these times, can be used to give our lives a new zest, and fresh outlook.

It is times like these that we must set priorities, and make ourselves complete tasks.  To get through the muddled mess of life transitions we must keep stepping forward.  Daily goals will help us keep moving forward.  As we do we will experience a new creativity.

At first we might have to explore this new creativity and ideas with little enthusiasm, but explore it we must.  Feelings follow actions.  If we act first our feelings of enthusiasm, and excitement will return.  They will never return if we do not act.  So for now let’s pursue life as a task, and make ourselves complete them.  In time a new normal will develop, a new and exciting way of life, and fresh creativity and ideas.

Living life one moment, and day at a time.

Marcy Pedersen





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