Let’s Take the Mysticism Out of Creativity


spiritualIf there is a spiritual mysticism to discovering our talents and using them in creative ways than we need to have an experience to become creative.

We might need to do things like empty ourselves, inject a mind altering chemical, get in some spiritual zone, hum, sit in darkness, get one with nature, or sit in a field of silence (what does that even mean?).

If being creative is about an experience than it’s no wonder so few are truly creative, right? It’s just for the creatively elite who are able to touch the robe of the creative savior.

Creativity is about developing ideas and using them in our everyday life, work, hobbies, crafts, and side projects. It’s doing stuff like squeezing extra money out of the budget to afford Christmas, figuring out how to get the kids and groceries in the house in the rain, and how to fit into some tight fitting jeans.

It’s about our collections, hobbies, and crafts. It’s about the sculptors, painters, web designers, iron smiths, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, seamstress, and writers. It’s about doing that thing that gives you the freedom to imagine and the opportunity to use your gifts and talents in new ways.

It’s also hard work, takes dedication, needs development, and requires perseverance. It’s a skill that needs developed and an innate talent that begs to be let out and used. It’s not magic and it’s not an illusive experience.

We all have talents and ways we can apply our ideas to everyday life. Creating an amazing life isn’t for the elite. Some of the most beautiful art can be found in our homes, at local art fairs, farmer’s market’s, and at the local school. Some people create for themselves, some for their families, some for their communities, and some for the world.

Creativity, ideas and the ability to achieve goals is inherent in everyone. We can use our talents and skills to create an amazing life and be the person we are. To suppress our creativity is to suppress our very being. Be you. Start today to create something great.

Marcy Pedersen


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