Lessons from the Soccer Game: Let’s Just Get On the Field of Creativity

Last night we went to my son’s soccer game. He is the soccer team manager. He likes soccer and helps the team, and we wanted to support him in that. He is thinking about playing next year. Good for him!

Next year will be his senior year of high school and perhaps not the best time to start a sport, yet perhaps a great time. He told the coach he wants to play next year. The coach said he could dress out and start practicing. We are so proud of him.

You see it takes a lot of courage to get on the field. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and give your two cents, but try stepping on the field in front of the hacklers.  It’s a whole other experience.

As I watched the team play I was struck how our experience as creative people parallels the experience on the field. Here is how:

  1. We need to get on the field of creativity. We just need to step on the field and kick the ball. We might not have as much experience as the other players, and that’s okay. We can learn. We can’t play if we don’t get on the field.
  2. We need to stay fit to play well. The players are affected by their level of fitness. If we want to create we need to be as fit as we can mentally, spiritually, and physically. Great art often comes out of tragedy, but we still need to do what we can to stay mentally sharp. So we can perform at a higher level.
  3. We need to practice. Most of the hard work comes before the game. We need to practice. My daughter asked me today what she should do to propel her creative career. I asked her what type of design she naturally enjoys doing. She said illustrations. That is where you should start. Keep making illustrations. Keep practicing. As you do you can research ways to transition what you do to a career.
  4. Endurance. My son’s team lost two of three games this week. They needed to rely on endurance to show up to last night’s game and try again. We need endurance to keep trying. Sometimes I write blog posts that fail, and sometimes I write one that succeeds. If I truly want to write I need to endure the ups and downs. If you truly want to create you need to endure your ups and downs.
  5. Support. We need someone to support our ideas, dreams and goals. I must admit that I have few people who support me, and that is difficult. I rely on the ones that do support me, and find support online through blogs and articles. We need someone who can encourage us, and talk shop. I signed up for a writing class this morning as a way to connect with other writers. I hope to learn new skills, and find support for my creative goals.

We will never create if we don’t start creating. We will never succeed if we don’t try and fail. We will never know what art our soul wants to express if we don’t practice and endure.

Your art has meaning. The world needs it. I need it. You must be you and express who you are. Now get your gym clothes on, pick up the ball, and get out there and start playing! I am on your team, and routing for you. We can do this.

Marcy Pedersen



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