We all shuffle into work and shuffle back out again. We don’t get too excited because we know we have to come back tomorrow. As we walk to our cars we think about what is waiting for us at home: bills, laundry, kids, house cleaning, cooking, complicated relationships, and four hours of social media surfing. What a life.

We come back to work and start all over again. Days, weeks, and years go by as we move through the motions. Once in a while a life event happens to awaken us to the fact that we have lost our passion for life. It might be a vacation or special weekend. Something that reminds us that it is possible to have passion for life. If we aren’t watching carefully the feeling might be lost and we will go back to the doldrums of our 9-5 job.

A few things woke me up to my need to have a hobby, or outside interest. I was forced to leave the job I loved due to life circumstances and became suddenly aware that I did not have an identity outside of work. Two of my four children left home signifying the beginning of the empty nest and sparked a life crisis that spiraled out of control. Within a two year period every major thing in my life that gave me comfort and identity changed. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go. Finding a hobby and outside interests helped me to get through my identity crisis and find new enjoyment with my life. Here is how I think it could change your life.

1. Finding a hobby can reignite old passions. In trying to figure out what I enjoyed doing I remembered how much I liked riding bikes as a young girl. I now have a new bike and ride up to 10 miles for exercise. Perhaps you can look back at your childhood and think about what you liked doing and start doing that again.
2. Finding a hobby can help you discover new passions. I started journaling during my life crisis as a way to clear my mind. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to start blogging. This was also a way I could help others which was one of the things that I terribly missed about the job that I loved. I am on a new adventure in life to learn how to write and use it to connect to others.
3. Finding a hobby can shape your identity outside of everything else. Do you know who you are outside of work, family, home, and other relationships? Finding a hobby can help you develop as a person and may help you develop an interest in a subject that you might like to make your career. It’s something you can do just for yourself.
4. Hobbies can help you develop yourself as an employee. I write as a hobby and as a MBA student. This is helping me increase my writing skills and since I enjoy doing it then I have found some enjoyment at work. Even if it’s just creating documents. Find a hobby that gives you the opportunity to do something you love, but don’t negate the affect it can have on developing your skills as an employee.

Hobbies can help us enjoy life everyday and make the mundane special. We don’t have to wait until vacation or the weekend to enjoy life.  We can find ways to enjoy it everyday.

When my grandmother faced the empty nest she made her sons small bedroom her artists den. She began a hobby that transitioned into a career as a painter. She traveled around to art fairs to sell her art and connect with people. She was no longer just the wife of a Midwest farmer and mother of four children. She was Evelyn the painter and poured her beauty into each piece that she painted. Her art gave her the medium with which she could reach people and bring them joy which was her true passion.

There is never a good time to start. Just pick something and try it. Give it a few minutes a day or few hours a week. If it doesn’t work try something else. There is much more to you than what you do in your daily routine. If you want to change your daily life and make it special start a hobby. The possibilities are endless on how it can change you and provide you something to look forward to in your daily life.

Marcy Pedersen


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  1. I think this is very helpful to a lot of people. Finding my hobbies, truly helped me find myself and contributed to my ability to establish who I am.

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