Journaling: Bringing Ideas Together

I have spent many years  journaling notes on the books that I read.  I want to remember themes, principles, ideas, thoughts and lines from the books that I read.  I have always wondered if my journaling meant anything.  Why am I doing this?  Does it have any meaning?


As I look through my journals over the years themes jump out.  The books that I choose to read were important to me at that time of my life.  As I read through my journal I can pick up themes to my own life.  Remembering where I have come from helps me to see how things in life have worked out.  There were tough times along the way, and I can remember how I got through them.  This gives me hope for the future.


Many of the books that I have read served as a foundation for my life.  They instilled principles in me that I live by today.  I can see a progression in my reading.  My reading level has grown, and so have I along with it.  It’s interesting to see how I have developed.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of my journals are the ideas that I get from them now.  I wrote down some pretty important things.  I spent a lot of time writing down what was important to me, and now my journals contain a treasure trove of information, ideas, thought and inspiration.

I have been in a creative rut lately.  What will I do?  What will I write about?  A quick glance at my journals has inspired me.  I have new ideas, am encouraged, and am ready to take on new challenges.  The ideas are all there.  I didn’t need to come up with them.


Today I journal in a different way.  My journal includes information, and lines from what the books I read, and much more.  I also include new words that I am learning, ideas, thoughts, frustrations, names of people I don’t want to forget, and anything I want to remember.  I know that one day I will review my journals again, and will be inspired by what I am writing today.

There are many ways to journal.  I would encourage you to start journaling.  I carry my journal with me everywhere I go.  When I am at work I get it out, date it, and have it handy in case an idea or thought comes to mind.  I know now how important it is to capture the moment.

Life goes by so fast, and gets so crazy.  A journal is a way to capture the moment, and gives you something to look back on to see your own life journey.  You will be amazed when you look back at today, and see how much you have changed and grown.

Journal Entry 8-22-2016

Theme for my life:  engage

Ideas:  simple, remember who you are, and move forward

Thoughts:  just do it.  Quit making things so difficult.

What’s your entry for today?

Marcy Pedersen


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