Is Creativity For Ordinary People? Our Awe In Creativity.

They do that.
They counsel people.
They help people.
They are the real smart ones.
They are the writers.
They are the dreamers.
They are everything.

I stand in awe of their creativity.
I stand in awe of their courage.
I stand in awe of what they can accomplish.
If I was in that city I could do that to.
If I had that degree I would be as smart as they are.
If I worked for that company I would have the courage to venture out for my own start-up.

Awe In Creativity

Is creativity for ordinary people, or is it just for “them”? Is it only for “the artists, scientists, and inventors–a giftedness not available to ordinary people” (Herrmann, 1990)?

If it is then what hope do we have of ever entering our own creative realm? If it’s only for the elite then we have placed them in a position above us. A position of awe. We have erected a wall that we must climb before we too can be creative.

Perhaps the only difference between us and them is their willingness to take chances. If we won’t risk being creative in everyday of life we won’t give our art the chance it needs to survive and reach higher levels.

Perhaps we are passing judgement on our art without giving it a chance. We determine that it isn’t any good and this gives us an out. Passing judgment protects us from dealing with the opinions of others. It stifles our creativity, it stifles us.

What do we do?

1. Accept who we are. I am a creative. I create ______fill in the blank.
2. I am good at what I do. I am not perfect at it, but being creative is not about being perfect. It’s about expressing a part of who I am, and that is awesome!
3. I am courageous. I am going to encourage myself to express my creativity at home, at work, and in all areas of my life. I am going to cook that new meal, paint, write, and express my creativity. I can do this!
4. I am going accept that I must be who I am or a part of me will die. I must _____! I must be me. Even if others don’t like it or understand it.  I don’t need their support.
5. I am going to be my biggest fan. When I start that new blog, attend a cooking class, sign up for a business Pinterest account, go to a writing class, or you name it I am going to be my biggest fan. Wow! I did this. I can do this. I am going to continue to do this.
6. I am going to celebrate every small act of courage. I am going to identify and celebrate every way I express creativity in everyday life no matter how humble and small.

The people that we consider “them” didn’t get where they are thinking about their creativity. They expressed their creativity first in everyday life, took greater chances and let it grow.

Perhaps you don’t even want to be creative for the entire world to see, and you know what? That’s okay. Be creative in the way that expresses who you are, fits with where you are, and points you toward where you want to be.

We can do this!

Marcy Pedersen

*Herrmann, N. (1990). The Creative Brain. US: Brain Books.


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