Are you driven to do more & succeed? How that desire and drive can keep you from making the most of today.

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She has long brown hair that flows around her thin and vibrant body. She is untouched. No man has been allowed to feel her curves or enter her chamber. She protects herself from such nonsense because relationships interrupt her quest for adventure and success.

She is driven. Inside of her she feels the relentless drive that few others understand. It plays on her mind. It talks to her whispering not so sweet nothings in her ear:

Do more, go, you are stuck, this isn’t enough, they are telling you what to do again, can you feel their desire to conform you, run, run now, or you will never get out.

She believes the lies and starts to make an escape plan. She is blind. She can’t see the opportunity before her because her drive tells her to look beyond the horizon. Crazy ideas fill her head and she begins to take action. She told me not long ago that though she could see the city’s landscape from her front door it wasn’t good enough. I heard something similar when she was in Africa. She said she still couldn’t find the freedom she was looking for.

If you can’t be free in Africa where can you be free? I don’t know mom, good question.

I see myself in her. I understand the desire for more and can feel the drive to succeed.  I see missed opportunities because her focus is always on what is next and never on today. I see her mimic my reaction when I feel others trying to conform me and feel her need to make a f-this plan when the status quo pisses us off!

Seize the Day

I see people dying. Children getting shot, teenagers committing suicide and adults dying soon after retirement. I see lives wasted through worry and anxiety over things that may never happen, or over things that have no meaning. I see lives filled with regret over missed opportunities and wish I had. I see my own life slipping into the middle and dread what comes next.

The most important moments in our lives are today. Today there is opportunity to make decisions that can move us forward to achieve some great goal and there are also precious moments that we need to experience that if missed will lead to regret.

While we are so busy trying to get to the next thing we miss the beautiful moments of today. If I am living for the next vacation, next job, or next adventure what happens if I never get there? Is my life wasted? It is if I don’t seize the day.

This very moment is all that we can be certain of. Perhaps what we need to do more of is to make today great. Work on moving ahead with our goals, but enjoy and savor the moment. Work as hard to make today great as we do tomorrow. Satisfaction is not found in tomorrow it’s found in today.

This young stallion has been set lose. She is running because she can. Her hair flies behind her. She sees the horizon and wants a taste of it, but the more she runs the farther it gets from her. She can never reach it. She runs and runs and as she is running she misses the beauty of the field in front of her, the horses running alongside of her, and the opportunities that will satisfy her drive and passion for life.

Seize the day. Work with all your might to move ahead and develop the life you want, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Perhaps our desire for more can be quenched by pouring more of ourselves into what is right in front of us.

Marcy Pedersen


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