How You Can Gain Fresh Perspective From a Simple Day Trip.

My son is home from the Navy for Christmas. We hadn’t seen him in a year. Having him home is a special gift. He let me know to set aside one day this week because he would be giving me my Christmas present.

He told me to be ready at 8 a.m. When we got in the car he said we were driving to Louisville, Kentucky. When we got there he would tell me the rest.

As we approached Louisville he told me that he was going to take me to three unique used book stores that he found, and then we would have lunch. A day with my son, doing my favorite thing,  hunting for books at small and unique book stores. The perfect Christmas gift.

I had been saving up books to hunt for in my Good Reads app, and in my Amazon shopping cart. That would be the next best Christmas gift. Someone just needs to hit the order button on that baby.

New Ideas

One of the bookstores we visited was A Book By Its Cover, and was  literally a house. There weren’t any signs or markers letting us know this was a business. We called the owner and he said we had the right place and to just knock on the door.

So we hesitantly knocked and the owner opens the door and says welcome. His entire home was filled with books. He inherited the home when his parents passed away and moved his online book store business in.

Inside were rooms full of used and rare books. If you ever want to find a rare used book this is the guy to talk to. As we walked around we were in awe that we were in someones home filled with books, and in the back of our minds wondered if we were actually in a movie getting ready to take a bad turn.

Spending one hour at this bookstore opened me up to new ideas. I saw books I had never seen, and was given a view of what I could do with my own book obsession. Perhaps at the point it becomes unhealthy I can just make it a business.

A day away from life. A day seeing a new neighborhood, new businesses, new ways of life. It reminded me that my dreams and vision for life needs fuel to burn. I can’t rely on what I see and know to drive what I will become. I need a fresh perspective, new ideas and experiences to point me towards opportunities and possibilities.

In 2017, let’s make it a point to visit new places, experience new things, and look for ways to bring fresh perspectives to our lives. We need this to move to the next step in our lives. I felt refreshed after visiting a few bookstores, what can you do?

Marcy Pedersen


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