Honor Your Dreams:

They said that I could go in and be with my husband. It was the first time he had a procedure since we were married. Nothing too scary, but if the results weren’t good then our lives would change.

I walked down the hallway with some anxiety about what might happen from that moment on. I walked into his room, and past the curtain that separated him from the rest of the world. He was loopy. He was talking incessantly to the poor nurse who had to endure his drug induced rant.

He looked at me and said, “when is my surgery? I can get FMLA, and be off work for six weeks”. The nurse said he was fine, and surgery wouldn’t be needed. I knew at that moment, however, that his subconscious was speaking. He was miserable at work, and longed for a new job, and he was seriously sharing a desire he had. To be off work. To be away from the place he could no longer stand.

Honor Our Day Dreams

Many children have day dreams. I wanted to be a dancer, and later I dreamt of being a lawyer. Those dreams sum up the person I am. One side of me longs to be more creative, and the other side is practical, and logical. The two don’t always coincide together. My dreams don’t like practicality, and practicality doesn’t like my dreams.

Children pay attention to dreams, talk about them, and act them out. I want to be a fireman, said my son. So we took him to see fire engines, bought him fire hats, and costumes, and books about fire houses. He spent time pursuing them.

Children draw pictures to illustrate their dreams. They may talk to imaginary characters from their dreams. The ideas they have in their head are important to them, and they spend a great deal of time developing them. Their creative process is only limited by outsiders. They have nothing in them, yet, that says they can’t realize their dreams.

And Today…..

Today I picture a small house somewhere. I am able to write, and help others. I might speak to a small group, or one on one with people. I often travel, but always end up near my small home. I am surrounded by my books, am near to nature, and can enjoy a nice bike ride into town, or in the country.  I might just dream of being Miss Marple?

My current reality seems to keep me far away from my dreams, but I need to take my dreams seriously. My day dreams are telling me something, if I will listen, and your dreams may be telling you something.

For a moment can you remember what it was like to get up and enjoy Saturday cartoons. Your agenda included eating a bowl of cereal, and playing with your favorite toys. You were happy not to bath, brush your teeth, and stay in your jammies all day, or until mom made you get dressed.

We need to re-capture moments like that. We need to observe and listen to what our day dreams are telling us. In the busyness of life we get caught up in living a life that is not our own. There is so much noise that our dreams and goals are drowned out, and replaced with the priorities of others.

Honor your day dreams. Listen to them. Record them. Carve out time to pay attention to them, talk about them, and follow up on them. Who knows what kind of life awaits you.

This is our life. We only get to do it once. Once. Let’s make it great. It’s not too late to capture what your dreams are saying, or to start dreaming again. It’s not too late to accomplish something amazing.

Marcy Pedersen


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