Hidden Art: Art & Creativity in Everyday Life

What does it mean to be creative, to be an artist?  Is creativity and art limited to those who are professional painters, sculptors, actors, dancers, and artists?  Is creativity and art only meaningful if it earns a pay check, garners a lot of followers, or is shared with the world?

Being artistic and creative requires time, energy, and perseverance.  If we are going to pursue any type of art form we must dedicate time to practicing that art, and developing our talents.  If we aren’t willing to do that we really aren’t interested in becoming artists, and in creating. 

Even now I could be doing so many things besides writing, yet I chose to keep the t.v. off tonight, and turn off my phone, so that I can practice my muse.

We may come up with many excuses why we can’t discover our talent,  develop our art, and express our creativity.  If only the kids were older.  If only I didn’t work this job.  If only my spouse would help more.  If I had more education, time, money, and support.  We convince ourselves that someday we will do this or that thing, and in doing so put to death a part of who we are.
Hidden Art: The Art in Everyday Life
Today is the day.  Now is the time to discover your hidden talent, become an artist, and live a creative life.  You don’t need anyone’s permission, to change jobs, to get a degree, or wait until the kid’s are older.  You can start now, in your every day life.

There is hidden art, or art that is hidden from the world.  It is art that is in everyday life.  The audience is ourselves, or our families, but it’s not for the world to view, at least not yet.  This art is as important as any painting in a metropolitan museum, as a sculpture in Rome, and as a play on Broadway.  It’s important because it is yours and for your audience.
Creating in Everyday Life
We are each uniquely made with talents, inherent skills and some measure of creativity.  The world often tells us that artists, and creatives have certain jobs, and specific degrees.  If you are a graphic designer, you can illustrate.  If you are a professional photography, you take great pictures.  The rest of us just have a nice hobby.  It’s “those ” people out there that are the real artists.
Art and creativity are not limited by anyone’s definition.  We are artists the moment we create art.  We are creative when we create.  Some might display their art at home, some at a church, for their local community, and some for the world.  Every piece of art is important, and has value.

I express my talent in various ways.  I write, create beautiful meals for my family, decorate and paint our home, make crafts and sew curtains, encourage others to express their talent,  and use my creativity at work to develop documents, make videos, and create solutions.

I used to believe the lie that says that artists and creative were only those people who got paid, and had creative careers.  I lied to myself and told myself that I would create when my kids got older, when I had more time, more money, and when I could take some classes.  My art died, and so did a part of myself.  Now, I am on a journey to discover the artist inside of me, and to express that anyway I can.

Call to Action

Today is the day.  In some way in your everyday life you can express your art, and creativity.  Your audience may be your children, your family, co-workers, the community, or the world.  When you express your art you will enrich other people’s lives, develop your talent, and express the creative person you were made to be.
What is something you can do today, to express your talent?  I started an outline for a book about my dad, and this is my second blog post for the night.  What can you do?
What can you do this week to develop your talent?
How can you enrich people’s lives with your art?  
In upcoming posts I hope to inspire you to find your hidden talent, express it, and develop it.  We can do this.  Remember, no one will give you permission, few will support you, and applaud your courage to take new steps.  BUT, I do.  I really do.
Let me know how you are expressing your art today?  I could use your encouragement, and want to appreciate your art.

Marcy Pedersen

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