Evelyn’s Art Den: Let’s Simply Create First; and Build an Art Empire Later.

In a small town in Northern Indiana is a white two story farm house that sits on 400 acres. Thanks to the glaciers, some 16,000 years ago, the land is flat giving homeowners wide range views of the landscape.

A dirt drive way leads you to the front stoop. A rudimentary entry way is adorned with ball caps, work jackets, boots, and serves as the laundry area.

A small door way takes you into a farm kitchen. A large table fills the room, and serves as the helm for farm operations, laughter, meals, crafts, discussion, and life on the farm.

A stairway next to the kitchen takes you upstairs where four children once shared two small bedrooms. They are grown up now, and one room has been converted to an artists den.

You walk through a narrow corridor to get to the main area of the den. Paintings of all sizes adorn the walls. They are encased in thick wood frames. They provide their own view of life on the farm.

A petite and gentle women, Evelyn, was the artist. She enjoyed life after raising children in her artists den. There she could spend hours meticulously painting landscapes. There she could finally be who she always was–an artist.

Her art was an expression of who she was. It was hidden for a while under the burden of child rearing, and the responsibilities of a 400 acre farm, but when those subsided she flourished, and embarked on a new chapter of her life.

She spent over 20 years painting, crafting and attending art fairs in Chicago and the surrounding area. Her husband bought a grey van and outfitted it to house her art, and all the supplies they needed for the next fair.

She didn’t have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, email, or blog. She didn’t spend her time reading about SEO analytics, hash tags, or marketing strategies.

She went upstairs, walked down the narrow corridor and sat next to a blank canvas . She soaked in the silence of the farm, and let her imagination run wild. She picked up a paint brush, tilted her beautiful head, and with a glimmer in her eye she painted what was in her mind and on her heart.

It’s that simple. It’s where we should start with our art and creativity. If we are trying to be artistic, and learn how to build an art empire we might want to step into Evelyn’s Art Den where we can simply create and focus on expressing who we are.

Evelyn focused on simply expressing who she was, and then let the rest flow out of that. What resulted was a 20 year painting career that touched peoples lives, and allowed her to be the women she was meant to be.

Now, let’s go up those stairs, walk down the corridor, sit down, and create.

Marcy Pedersen


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