Elysium- a  world that exists in my mind.

Do you remember at the end of the Gladiator movie when Maximus begins to fade out of this world, and into the next? He begins to leave the pain of this world behind and ever so gently and peacefully embraces the next world.

A world where his wife and daughter are waiting for him. A world where he is finally free, free to be home with his family which is where he has longed to be.

Movies and music give me the opportunity to imagine. They take me beyond my world, and into another. The song, Elysium, from this movie, takes me away, and helps me imagine that I am like Maximus. Walking down a beautiful field, towards what I love.

In four more days I will be able to go my Elysium.

I can hear the wind blow, the creek rush, the birds sing.

I can feel what it will be like to sit at my desk, turn on my computer, gaze out the window and work on all my ideas.

I can feel the freedom of leaving this world, and going into another.

We have 4 more days until the weekend. Let’s make this week a productive week so that when the weekend comes we can create, work on projects, dance, dream, sing, run, jump, and live!

What can you do each day, so that by Friday, you will be ready to plunge into Elysium?




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