Do you make goals, achieve them, are productive & obsess over getting things done? Me too, read this…

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Maybe all those blog posts aren’t for you? You click on them because you do want to learn how to be more productive.  You want to be sure that your vision of what could be is broad enough.  If there is a way to do things better and fit more into your day you are all over it!  You plan your day so that you can fit in specific tasks that will help you move forward.  In fact your are so obsessed and driven  that you can go for weeks, months, or maybe years nonstop.
I’ve got to do this, I’ve go to do this, this has to get done!
Do you ever talk to co-workers who are so worn out from work and you think I am too, but our definition of work is very different.  They are worn out from their day and home responsibilities, but that’s it.  Their biggest goal for the night, though they may not admit it, is to get home, hit the couch, and sit in front of the t.v. for a couple hours.  Of course you can’t wait to sit down too, but with your laptop to work on your projects, or maybe at your workshop bench, craft table, at your second job, or on a yoga mat.  You get stressed at the end of the work day because your have to get done list is so long.  You aren’t sure you can fit it all into the day.
I’ve got to do this, I must press forward, I don’t want my future to look like theirs.
Our drive to get things done is commendable, but can also cause us problems in the long run.  Driven people don’t always enjoy life as they should.  They are too busy trying to get to the next thing.  They forget the importance of rest and just doing things for pure enjoyment.  Everything has a purpose.  They rarely read for enjoyment, go home after work and just enjoy the family, sleep in, laze around and let the mind rest.  They are going, going, and going.  I’ve got to do this.  What about sitting in the grass?  Can I bring my laptop?  What about going for a walk?  Okay let’s see how many calories I can burn off? Let’s sit in the backyard?  For how long?  I’ve got stuff to do.
Rest will help our mind heal from the constant input we push into it.  It will help things gel and process.  Rest will help us recover from excess activity which can prevent sickness and exhaustion.  Rest can stimulate creativity and help us to generate new ideas for the future.   If we want to keep up the pace we must learn to integrate rest into our to do list.
A few years ago my son said that I needed to put together a “go-bag”.  He said I could put all my writing journals, books, and blogging materials in the bag with my laptop and have it ready to go at any moment.  This way if I got stuck in a doctor’s office, or on a long car ride I would have my stuff to do.  It took me a while to find the right bag, but I have one now.  Whenever we get ready to go somewhere I grab my bag, but doing so has taught me something.  I don’t know how to sit in an office or on a car ride without working on my latest project.  I don’t know how to enjoy life and be in the moment and that is a detriment to my becoming the person I want to be.
What good will it be to accomplish all my goals and have missed special moments with my family because I have to get things done every moment.  How good will my accomplishments feel if I can’t remember the last time I went for a car ride and didn’t have my laptop on or a book in my hand.  How healthy is it to set goals that don’t include some very important things like enjoying life and resting after a long day’s work?
Consider incorporating rest and enjoyment in your day.  Drive hard towards accomplishing your goals, work diligently to increase your productivity, and obsess over getting things done, but remember to include some down time and simply enjoying the things you have now.  Now put your phone down, shut the book, turn the computer off and do something silly or nothing at all.  The time you spend resting and enjoying life will re-energize your mind and body and fuel your drive to accomplish even more.
Here’s to incorporating less in life so that we can accomplish more.
Marcy Pedersen

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