Discover what it looks like to start something new in your life today.

I have read the stories. Stories of people who overcame big obstacles to succeed. Stories of people who paid off the debt, developed a hobby into a business, went back to school and navigated a successful career transition, moved and found new life and career success.

Before the story there was an idea and that idea fueled a dream. The idea developed into a passion and on one glorious day a decision was made to pursue the dream. Something clicked and it was time to try. Perhaps the passion could not be contained or the fear of not trying became greater than the fear of trying. Perhaps it was merely the moment when you want the dream to happen more than you want the thing that has prevented it from happening.

We look to those who have gone ahead of us and accomplished something great for inspiration. We want to know how they did it. They boast of their accomplishments, how many subscribers they have, how many followers, how much money they make, and how many business ventures they are pursuing. We wonder though what did that dream look like in the beginning. How does it look today?

The Dream Today

The dream now looks like a bad idea, hard work, an insane pursuit and something foreign to the majority of the people in my life. It looks like a joke, a life and career crisis, a waste of time, and a fools errand. It doesn’t look like anything worth mentioning and is often forgotten when fear, life and responsibility look it in the eye.

The dream now? To help and encourage others. It looks like a blog post, Instagram account, and Facebook page. It’s an idea transitioning to action, and I am unsure if it will survive.

I get home at 6:00 p.m. each day. I give myself an hour to get the house picked up, laundry started, supper cooked, eaten and dishes done. My MBA homework takes 15-20 hours a week and I rush to fit in an hour or two every night. Any disruption to my schedule throws everything off and I have to find time to cram in writing papers and responding to discussion posts.

I have the every day of life clamoring for attention. My husband’s career crisis, the drama associated with bills, house repairs, preparing to down size, family health issues, vet visits, my career transition, and a million of other things that seem to mire me down in the everyday. Gradually pulling me away from what I truly want to do with my life.

The dream now looks like a hobby. Oh, you write. That’s nice (wink, wink and they whisper that this must be a part of my mid-life crisis). It’s one of those things you do while you figure life out. One day it will go away. Let’s encourage her. It’s her method for coping.

The dream now can’t always be shared. If shared with the wrong person it is sure to die. It has to be hidden and nurtured. We take steps to begin our journey and if we keep taking these steps then we know success will be realized one day.

I took a step today towards my goal, but now my kids are texting, another paper needs written, and the dog needs let out. I will keep you alive. I will work on you tomorrow.

Marcy Pedersen


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