Creativity & Artistic Ability: What Do They Have to Do With Each Other?

My entire life I looked up to him. He was a creative god. Ideas just flowed from him. He was a dreamer, and wasn’t afraid to try. He could draw, paint, write, design and illustrate.

His mind was on constant overdrive. Constantly analyzing, thinking, processing and coming up with ways to use his creativity to provide solutions. He didn’t fit in with the crowd. He found solace with his reading, his mind, his talent, and his dream.

If I could only be creative like “him”. Oh, but I could never be. I can’t draw, paint, sculpt, or illustrate. I am not a creative, or am I?

Do we correlate artistic ability with creativity? If we do, why?

About a week ago we spent our weekend money, and then spent some of our weekly money, before the weekend was even over. I ended up at the grocery store with a $100.00 to cover a weeks worth of meals for four people. I used my creativity to come up with cheap meals, and was able to feed the family, and buy other necessities. Is that not creative?

Do creativity and artistic capability go together? Do they have to?

Is a young mother who figures out how to feed the baby, talk on the phone and fold laundry all at once creative?

Is a father who figures out how to make a small village out of popsicle sticks for his son’s school project creative?

We are all creative in many ways throughout the day. We come up with solutions to everyday problems. We come up with better ways of doing things at work. We figure out how to stretch the budget, raise funds for vacation, skirt responsibilities, and can generate a plethora of excuses for why we can’t succeed.

If creativity is linked to artistic talent then it follows we should increase our talent, and in turn release our creativity. The creativity that might be released may have nothing to do with writing, painting, sculpting or typical forms of art.

Perhaps the art we will create will be something altogether different. Perhaps we will create a beautiful dinner, a beautiful night, and a beautiful time in bed.

Perhaps we will create a new arrangement, a plan for moving, an idea for a new business, an idea for a new way of organizing our desk, or creating an inviting space to greet customers.

Is there any limit to our creativity, and how we can apply it to our lives?

The man I looked up to wrote a financial book, designed a golf course, and created hundreds of marketing materials. That was his creativity, it’s not mine.

Our creativity is not defined by our artistic talent, but can be increased and unleashed as we seek to try new things, and develop our skills and talents. Find a new way of experiencing life, and you will find a new way of creating.

Tonight. Baroque music on my Pandora, a glass of white wine, and a good book. I need to enter the world of suspense, drama and murder. Agatha will do, and while I read I will mull over ways to increase my artistic talent, unleash my creativity, and appreciate the ways I am creative now.

Marcy Pedersen


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