The importance of being creative in our home & how it can help you develop a full life.

There was a woman name Olive that lived in a small country white house at the end of a long drive in a rural mid-west town. She raised four daughters, buried a husband, kept a garden until she was 98, sewed, cooked, crafted, and maintained a beautiful home until the end of her life.

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Olive lived an amazing 102 years in this world. We knew her as a woman who was always busy doing for others. Every time I entered her home there was the smell of a freshly baked pie, she would show us her latest sewing projects, and yard sale finds. She would talk about all the activities she was into to create things to help other people.

Her crafts, garden, sewing, cooking and home were never featured in a magazine. She never made a living doing any of the creative things that made her who she was, but she changed peoples lives by what she did. An entire family was blessed and changed by what she made us, how she taught us to sew, the gifts of homemade pies and food when we were sick, the example she gave of keeping a beautiful home and how she enjoyed and loved her garden.

A Lesson For Us

Being creative is an essential part of who we are and we need to express that. It’s important to express the person you are and doing so will help you make your life full and fill in the blanks that your 9-5 job leaves empty. We are much more than the sum parts of our 9-5 and can go many years neglecting parts of who we are.  Often major life events have a way of fleshing out our need to be whole and times when we begin to search for what is missing.

Olive wanted to be who she was with her family. She didn’t consider herself of less value because it didn’t earn her a big paycheck. She didn’t link using her talent to an outside job, but considered it an integral part of who she was.

I asked Olive once how she did so much. She was in her 90’s then. Mama, how do you do it? You are up early, go to bed late, and run all day. You never stop and are always doing for others. How do you that?

She said, “Well, I just wake up and do what I want to do. If I wake up one day and can’t do it then I guess I will stop, but until then I am just going to keep doing.” She did. Right until her last day at the age of 102.

Many of us spend years trying to land the perfect job that will let us live out our passions. What if we lived out our passions at home first. Where we can have an impact on our lives, on our families life, and where we have the freedom to create the life we truly want.

Live life today and to the fullest,



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