Benefits of Quitting Social Media For a Few Days

Thank you to Srinivas Rao for waking me up today to my addiction to Social Media.

I keep my phone handy at work, all in the name of being available if the kids need me?  Sure.

My husband has become a junky.  He likes to keep up with the kids, but I can tell he is drawn to it during the day.  He messages me and asks me to look at FB posts.  What is happening to us?

I have gotten away from my after work routine.  I had it down pat for a while.  I was cooking meals the night before so I could get home and get my house work done and then get to reading, and writing.  I was doing a great job of making priorities and was progressing with developing my blog, reading, learning and personal development.

Then something happened……

Life has become increasingly difficult, and busy.  As the difficulty in my life increased I lost my focus, and began to spend more time checking Facebook then getting things done.  Now my life is out of focus, and I feel lost.  I also feel like my brain is going to mush, and that I have replaced the foundation that I get from reading with the mindlessness of status updates.

Srinivas has given me new direction, and reminded me that to get back on track I simply need to put my phone down, accomplish some things around the house, and then get back to work getting things done that lead me to accomplish my overall goals.

I hope this article will encourage you.

What I Learned From Quitting Social Media for 5 Days

Marcy Pedersen



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