Excuses we make for not starting something & how to overcome them.

  • I want to start a food blog.
  • I am going to get my ETSY store going.
  • I am going to get that room cleaned up this year.
  • I got to get to the gym.
  • I might start growing that type of mushroom as a hobby.
  • I need to finish the rebuild.
  • We will travel one day.
  • I have got to update my site.
  • When the kids leave we can do that

Here is the deal:

The deal is we let life go by unanalyzed and unchecked.  We consistently have ideas of things we would like to do and often spend a lot of time reading about how others change their lives.  After we put our smart phone down we get back to the mundane and stay there for a long time.

The deal is we make excuses for why we can’t.  The problem with this is that we aren’t living the life we really want and one day we might come to regret that.  We might find ourselves in a time in our life where we wished we had tried, made priorities, and went with our gut feeling.  We realize how far we would have gotten with our idea if we had just worked on it a few minutes or hours a day.

The deal is if we aren’t living our life whose life are we living?  Are we doing what we think we should, but not what we want to do?  Here are some excuses that we make:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • I will wait until things settle down at work.
  • I will wait until the kids get older.
  • I don’t have the support I need.
  • This doesn’t fit in with my job.
  • I’m tired, I’ll just stay home instead.
  • I don’t feel like it.
  • Once we get through this situation.

Two years ago I started writing.  It didn’t make sense and fit in with absolutely anything in my life.  It still doesn’t.  I kept playing with it.  This year I got a phone call that a family member might be facing breast cancer.  This came after a series of major life events over the past two years and it knocked me into submission.  MARCY, we don’t have time to mess around.  This is your life for gosh sakes!  LIVE IT!


The sadest thing in the world is the pool of amazing ideas that are out there that will never be tried.  They will fade off because the excuses convinced people they shouldn’t try.  The most effective antidote is to take action.  Nothing can stop it.

  • We can make time.
  • We can start small or make the money we need to try.
  • Things may never settle down just do it.
  • Should you sacrifice who you are until the kids leave home?
  • No one gets the support they need until there is something to support.
  • This is about YOUR life, not your job.  It doesn’t have to fit.
  • We are all tired.  Get the rest you can and take action.  It will energize you.
  • Living a feeling based life is an actionless life.  Who “feels” like doing anything consistently.

I wrote off and on for a year.  I hid my new hobby for fear of what others would think, but taking action propelled more action.  The more I acted the more serious my hobby has become and the more my passion has grown for getting my thoughts out on the white page.

Taking action will help you fight every excuse you can make towards starting something new.  It can help you try out your ideas and develop a passion for seeing them succeed.  The more you do the more your excuses will fade.  Action always begets actions.  Action helps us conquer our rationlizing mind that tells us not to.  Sometimes we have to go with our gut feeling.  Our mind can catch up with it later.

It doesn’t need to make sense!

As a new year prepares to begin I have found that taking two years of action has trained my mind to think that I must do this thing I do.  I feel drawn to it.  In fact if I could quit my job and do nothing else I would be happy.  I do not let anything get in the way of my spending time in my library writing, reading, and meditating over life.  It is the thing I do now.

Start with 15 minutes a day or a couple hours a week.  Dont’ rationalize it.  Just act.  Keep acting and in time you will train your mind and body to incorporate this new thing into your life.  You will come to need it and it will become a part of who you are.

Change always starts with us.  Make a change today and start living YOUR life.

Marcy Pedersen


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