An Orange Moon Experience: Furniture Shopping & a Cocktail

I spent some time with my cousin and his friend recently.  They asked what I wanted to do?  I want to do what you like doing.  What would you be doing on a Saturday?  Well we like to furniture shop.  Perfect!

Now my cousin and I have never “just” did anything.  We have life experiences.  Something interesting or funny always happens when we are together, and what may have started out as a simple activity quickly transitions into an experience.

Our day together, shopping, quickly turned into an experience.  Our first stop kind of got us warmed up.  We started some small chat, and wandered around the store while our creative juices started to flow.  The more we looked around the more our imaginations geared up.  In no time we were able to visualize how pieces of furniture might work in different spaces, and how we might use decor in our own home.

The experience started when we walked into An Orange Moon furniture store.   The owner knew my cousin, introduced us to her family, and talked with us about design.  We lingered for a while deciding if a purchase was going to be made.  In the mean time we were educated on design, and given inspiring ideas for how to decorate outside the box.


I think the highlight came when we were offered a cocktail while we shopped.  Now I must admit that was the first time someone ever offered me a cocktail while I was shopping.  It was the first time someone spent time talking about design, and giving the customer ideas about decor.  It was an experience.  It felt like we had stopped by someone’s home, not a store.

You know we can find inspiration in so many places.  I was with my favorite cousin whom I haven’t spent as much time with as I would like these past years, so this was a special day.  We simply went furniture shopping.  The freedom I experienced being away from home and responsibilities immediately sparked inspiration.

It was like when we were kids and played board games, played outside, and laughed for hours.  For a few brief hours we were able to have that kind of fun together again.  What a great day, and what a great experience.

Inspiration From Furniture?

The stores we went to were vintage furniture stores.  I especially like these types of stores because they give me so many ideas.  Here is how they inspire me and what I look for when I am there:

  • I see what is possible.  The owners often take used pieces of furniture or decor and demonstrate how you can use them.  They organize the store using the furniture to create sitting areas.  They are giving you ideas of what is possible.
  • Color.  I look for how they use color, or for patterns in fabric.  This may inspire me to decorate using a similar color scheme, may give me an idea of an outfit ensemble I could put together, or introduce me to a new color I have never seen before.
  • DIY.  I am constantly on the outlook for decor ideas that I can do myself.  I love that framed map.  Let’s see I have maps at home and can buy a frame.  Great!  If I can’t afford a piece I might be able to find it at a thrift store or yard sale.  It’s amazing what a quick coat of paint can do for an item.
  • Art Appreciation.  What you see in these stores is someone’s art.  There may not be famous world class pieces of art, but there is someone’s creative expression, and that is as valuable.  We can learn to appreciate what others have created.  As we appreciate their art, we will learn to appreciate our own.
  • Art Inspires Art.  I spent a few wonderful hours having fun, experiencing life, and on the hunt for ideas and inspiration.  The art of others inspired my art.  What could be better?

There are so many simple ways to find inspiration.  It could be shopping, a museum, a magazine, or a blog.  It could be sitting in the green grass and enjoying the wind blow on your face.  It could be going on a walk and taking in the expanse of the sky, climbing a mountain, or gazing at the open sea.

Find what inspires you, and take the time to do that.  It’s important to becoming the creative person you were made to be.

Let’s experience life,

Marcy Pedersen

An Orange Moon


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