A Silent Movie and Artistic Experience =Inpsiration


Thank you to the Indiana University Cinema, in Bloomington, Indiana, for a lovely evening. My daughter (friend and creative counselor) and I went out to enjoy the movie, The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez. This movie is directed by Peter Sellars, and was produced in 1991.

This was a modern silent movie. My daughter and I wanted to try something new. We had never been to a silent movie before, and this was great. We left with something to discuss, with ideas, and felt a renewed courage to try new things. We figure if Peter Sellars, can do that, we can do what we are dreaming of.

If you are used to watching movies in the local theater, you are missing out on the opportunity to expand your horizons. Theater’s like IU Cinema offer a theatrical experience, give you the opportunity to enjoy cinematic art, and give your mind some to reflect on.

For all those hidden artists I recommend trying something new. It’s amazing what exposing yourself to new things can do to boost your own creativity. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?



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