A Renewed Commitment to the Dream: Accomplishing OUR Dreams & Goals

I let them overtake me. I listened too long to the fears of others. I lost my way because I could find no one here who shares my desire and passion to make a mark in this world. To accomplish the dream.

I got caught up in the mindless routine. Wake up, work, home, dinner, laundry, sleep, and then start it all over again. We don’t think, we don’t dream, we just mindlessly follow what everyone else is doing.

Fitting in for a moment felt good, it felt safe. I am on the path I am supposed to be because it’s like your path. Yet a growing resistance developed. I started to hunger for words that reflected change, and an entrepreneurial spirit. I hungered to have a lively conversation about a book, an idea, about creativity, and pursuing dreams, no matter what they look like.

My restlessness grew and transitioned to rebellion. I can’t live like this. I don’t want to fit in. I want to think and dream and spend as much time pursuing my dream as I do mindlessly driving to a job that leaves me empty.

Before I succumbed to nothingness I reached out for help. I talked to four entrepreneurs, and dreamers. They aren’t just dreamers, they are doers. One started a real estate business in Chicago 20 + years ago, one is working a day job that gives him the opportunity to work on his dream of opening a restaurant in California, and the other two just moved out of state and are both in the beginning stages of starting two businesses.

I found my relief. I found my way out of the darkness that surrounded me. They all said the same thing. Do what you need to do today to feed the pigs, pay the bills, but work hard on your dream, and your goals. Don’t let what you see define you. Surround yourself with others, in whatever way you can, to help you accomplish your goals.

This post is my re-commitment to a dream that is not clearly defined. Writing and blogging is the start of it, and in time the rest will become clear.

I want to help others accomplish their goals. Not my goals, not other peoples goals, but their goals. You see we just don’t do a good job of helping others see their potential and helping them get out of the blackness of daily routine.

In subtle but powerful ways we promote sameness. Just because we have to work the day job doesn’t mean we can’t become what we desire in our heart. What we are afraid to admit to others.

I want to help others become the story they want to read about. That person that despite the odds and resistance in their life was able to overcome their fears, and accomplish what they were made to do.

I am committed! Are you?

Marcy Pedersen


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  1. Dear Marcy,

    I don’t want to fit in either!

    You have inspired me to give my best effort at my day job and when I’m off, I can truly focus on my passion of writing and helping others.

    I love your attitude and this message. Let’s continue to overcome our fears and stay commited to improving! Thank you 😄

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