Death & Taxes Restaurant Review: The Best Meal of My Life









We were seated at the bar facing the grill and chef’s. We didn’t realize at the moment we were seated that these were the best seats in the house. We were given a view of an artist creating his art and with every stir of the spoon our anticipation grew for what we would be served.

This is a restaurant like few others. I hated to leave. It felt like we had all become family and I really like this family. I tried dishes that I would never normally eat and came away with new favorites. I had octopus for the first time and am certain that if I have it anywhere else my enjoyment of it will be ruined.

The wait staff are professional, helpful, and attentive. They understand when to serve and when to leave you alone. As we dug into our main meal we understood the advantage of sitting so close to the kitchen. The chef’s could interact with guests and watch their reactions as they partook in the meal. Since we were overly excited about ours this brought them great joy.

Death and Taxes lures you in with the name and reputation and makes you want to stay with the amazing food and decor. It’s one of those places you want to stop by every week after work, say hi, and try the latest fare. Their cocktail list is impressive, good wine, and great desserts. You just can’t go wrong.

If you are ever in Raleigh you must have this dining experience. Don’t let price deter you. It will be worth every penny you pay and if you let the night become an experience it will be one of the best you have ever had. I plan on coming back every time I am in town.

I highly recommend the dry-aged steak, chimichurri, octopus, rice beans, parsley, fried fingering potatoes, turmeric, dry-aged beef fat, herbs, and the smoked Jimmy Red grits, oyster mushrooms, poached egg, parmesan. Even if you don’t have room for dessert share a slice of something to round off the night.

Hoping you find good food and great memories,

Marcy Pedersen

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