I’m Bored: How Boredom Prevents Us From Achieving Goals & What To Do About It

Boredom= the absence of excitement, being void of a thrill and starved of opportunity (my definition).




I have never met anyone so fearless.  She gets an idea and pursues it with tenacity.  She isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal.  She is driven by it.  I must do this!  Her ideas have taken her to Africa, New York, down a river in a kayak, in a pup tent in the woods, and several road trips for a concert.  Her ideas have caused her to apply to a local college, drop out, apply to a university, drop out, join the Navy, un-join the Navy, apply to a local college again, and change jobs several times.

She struggles with the everyday.  She struggles with life when she gets bored.  When life becomes routine her mind begins to run.  This isn’t what I want to do.  What can I do?  In a few minutes a new adventure is born and she begins outlining the steps to accomplish her new goal.  It’s exciting and she can go on another day.  We say she will outgrow this one day.  She’s just young.  Being restless comes with the territory, but there is a warning in my heart.  A warning that says she is just like you and you haven’t changed.


Boredom can derail us from achieving our goals.  This she is my daughter and she is my mirror image.  In her I see my propensity to chase after what is exciting and stray away from what isn’t.  The problem with not concentrating on the everyday means I am not engaged in my everyday life and work.  It means that I am judging my current situation as a waste of time because it doesn’t give me the thrill that I thirst for.  It’s simply not exciting.

It’s not exciting to come to work–again.  It’s not exciting to put in the hours, days, weeks and the years it takes to work your way up in a company to positions that offer more excitement, thrill, and opportunity.  It’s simply not fun to put in the time learning a new skill, developing a talent, managing the mundane, or many of the things that are simply a part of getting things done.

When we are bored at work we need to examine what is going on in our mind.  When I get bored I am normally not engaging in my day and with the people around me.  I tend to become focused on myself and begin to create problems in my mind that don’t exist.  I am often just going through the motions and my productivity decreases.  I stop trying to meet the needs of my employer, solving problems, and being an active member of my work team.  I inadvertently prevent myself from getting where I want to be.


Engage.  Talk to people, engage in the work, look for opportunities to improve processes, realize there can be joy in completing daily tasks, and find outlets that provide excitement.  Find ways to be creative, use your imagination, start something new, or finish something old.  Dig into life.

Big Picture.  Maintain a clear picture of how today fits into the bigger picture, keep your goals right in front of you, identify steps you can take every week towards moving forward and do them.

Enjoy the Journey.  No I don’t want to do this either.  I want to fly to England and spend the weekend on the English countryside, but instead I will be home all weekend in Midwest America cleaning, doing bills, and homework.  Life is the journey.  We will get to our destination and when we do it will be a moment in our lives and then we will be right back to our routine and everyday life.


Dream really big, set amazing goals, and dare to go on adventures.  Stoke your passion and fire for things that are exciting and constantly have an amazing goal you are trying to achieve, BUT.  Remember that the majority of our life is made up of the day to day.  If we work as hard to make today great, as we do tomorrow, then we will truly enjoy the journey and achieve great things.

Marcy Pedersen

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