Keeping an eye on the future. And I Tell Myself…I Am Really Not An Intern.

I want you to read this and do three things.
1. Have hope that you will accomplish your goals.
2. Persevere despite what you see.
3. Don’t stop believing you were made for more.

I am an intern, again. It’s a way into a position that will help me accomplish my current career goals. I have been an intern before and that gave me the opportunity to get the job of a life time. Something I didn’t even know I wanted, but came to love. I left that job to start a new career and where do I end up–an internship.

I’m too old, too tired, and too impatient for this. When they asked us to share something about ourselves I wanted to run and hide. I wasn’t able to share something sweet like my co-intern. Hi, I am cute and have blonde hair. I am in my early twenties and just graduated with my bachelor degree. I am ready to start a career and eager to learn.

I am old enough to be her mother. Have colored brown hair to hide my grey and am working on my MBA to help me navigate from the nonprofit world to the government sector. I am mature and eager to demonstrate my skills. I am humiliated, yet hopeful. I am hopeful that all my research is right. This will lead me to where I want to be, yet doubt fills my mind and depresses my soul.

I read this recently.

“While selling shoes I kept in mind that I was still a student on the path to becoming an engineer” Dr. C Moorer

This quote is from Dr. C. Moorer. In his book, From Failure to Promise, he tells his story of how he failed out of college, but persevered and would eventually become a professor. He lost an opportunity to work for a prestigious company when he failed out of college and had to move back home to sell shoes.

He would later enroll in another college and get a job selling shoes. He was devastated that his dream of becoming an engineer seemed over, but reminded himself that he was still a student and still on the path to fulfilling his dream.

We have hope. I am an intern, again, but I am much more. My life is not defined by my job. It’s much more. I might be an intern, but I am a student on her way to becoming a teacher, consultant and writer. I don’t have all the details of how I am going to transition from intern to teacher or consultant, but I am going to persevere until I realize those goals.

Dr. Moorer would never have accomplished his dreams if he had quit, and we won’t accomplish ours if we quit. We must persevere. If we believe in our goals then we must keep on. What we do today does not define our future. What we do today that moves us forward to accomplishing our goals does define us.

Don’t stop believing that you were made to do something more. You aren’t just what others say you are. You aren’t just your job, your career or position in life. You were made to do something great, and it’s up to you to accomplish that. Don’t let your current situation determine your future. Believe in who you were meant to be, persevere to become that and maintain hope that one day you will look back and tell your success story.

Marcy Pedersen

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