Some Signs Perfectionism is Holding You Back

I have a dream. I can share it with you because you understand. I want to write, teach and consult. I am no where near doing all three of those things, but I am taking steps towards them.

I can write at anytime but make excuses for why I can’t. One of the most nagging feelings, one I am having right now, is that feeling of you can’t do this. You don’t have time. Do I really not have time or is it something else?

When I think of writing I think of all the work I need to do to learn the craft. I have bought the books that teach me about language and writing skills, but have no time to read them all. I read the blogs and get the newsletters and understand there are a plethora of podcasts I can listen to. The resources are there, but the time to dig into them isn’t.

Is it time?

Perfection takes a lot of time to achieve. If our goal is to be perfect then we will need a lot of time to achieve it. Of course we will never achieve perfection so the goal is unrealistic. When we can’t achieve our idea of perfection the devastation can drive us to despair.

It’s a drive to get it right. The goal supersedes the goal to get it done. The goal prevents us from trying and making mistakes. It makes it hard to face the reality of failure and learn from it. It’s often a lie we have fabricated that has no realistic comparison. What is right?

Some signs that perfectionism might be holding you back include:

1. You have ideas, but don’t try them.
2. You are judgmental of others. All the time. What’s driving this?
3. You are a self-ordained expert who accomplishes nothing?
4. You talk as if you are knee deep in accomplishing your goals, but in reality you just read and think about it a lot? I blog. Do you blog or do you think about blogging?
5. You hide your craft. There are hidden manuscripts, books, poems, paintings, or you name it. They aren’t perfect so they are hidden. They aren’t good enough yet. Will they ever be?
6. Your craft is for your eyes only. If it’s not for others what good is it? Are you waiting for it to be perfect before you can share a part of your life with others? It will never happen. Share it. You have nothing to lose.

We live this life once. Once. It’s an imperfect life. The things we do are imperfect. What would perfection get us anyway? The things that I love the most in my life are imperfect. The things that hold the most meaning to me have flaws. My life is better with them. I need your imperfection and you need mine.

Don’t hold back. Just do it and then share it with the world. We will all be better for having a piece of you in our lives.

Marcy Pedersen

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