Ways to Make Meals Special: Serve it with Love?

My husband and I are almost finished raising four children. Our years raising children taught us how to do things on a budget, and do them nice. We have always been able to provide for them, but many years were lean and tight.

We always wanted to make meal time a special time–in some way. Meal times were special in our families, and we wanted to carry that that tradition onto our children. Even when the budget was tight we found something that we could add to the meal to make it special–love.

You don’t cook for your family for 27 years without a strong motivation, and my motivation was love for my family. I wanted to demonstrate to them how much I cared, and one way I was able to do that was by making small sacrifices of time, and coming up with creative ways of serving them food.

There are corners we can cut to feed our family, and sometimes we need to do that to fit in all the activities we have scheduled during the day, but sometimes we might want to surprise them with something special.

Need some ideas?

Put a table cloth on the table, for any meal.
Make a nice pitcher of fresh lemonade. Goes with everything.
Take sandwich night outside and sit on a blanket.
Pick some greenery from your back yard, and put it in a nice vase.
Light a candle.
Skip paper plates tonight, and get out some real dishes.
Make a meal you know they will love–not one you may want to cook, but one they will love.

Love is a giving emotion. It means turning on the stove when you would rather turn on the t.v. It means cooking from scratch when you would rather just heat something up. It means something particularly suited to you, and your family.

In the busyness of raising four children we managed to make time to cook nice meals, and eat together as a family. I don’t regret a minute of it. I still love announcing that dinner is ready, and waiting for the pitter patter of activity that follows as they make their way to the kitchen.

At that moment all the work, and sacrifice that went into preparations is worth it. The time spent is worth it because our children will have memories that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. What could be more special then that?

Marcy Pedersen

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