5 Ways I was Creative Today: First week of a new job, working on my Master’s, house, kids, pets, etc. I did it!

I started a new job this week. I immediately had buyers remorse.

What have I done?
This is too much change?
I don’t want to drive this far?
I didn’t like my last job, but it was comfortable.
What if, what if, what if?

I get home after work and look at my computer. I am reminded of the blog post I want to write. What about my homework though?

I want to help others be creative, but I don’t have time to be creative. Or do I?

Here are 5 Ways I was creative today:

1. I took a new way home after work. It’s creative. I thought differently about how to do something.
2. I made home made pizza. I put together the ingredients and made something. It’s okay if a lot of other people do it. I used my imagination and ingenuity to make a meal. It’s creative.
3.  I found out my daughter was suffering from the flu. I found a unique way to cheer her up.  To cheer her up I randomly sent her pic’s of hot English actors. Getting a random picture from mom of a cute guy. It’s creative.  She said I was the best.  No, they are.
4. I thought of a way to prepare for the next job that I will have. This job is a stepping stone. I know that. I have goals, and today I got an idea of how I will achieve those goals. I sent an email, received information, and was able to make a more definitive plan for what comes next. It’s creative.
5. I wrote this post. Granted it’s no work of art, but it helped me to use my imagination and express what was on my mind and heart. It’s creative.

Two years ago I sat in my family room as my family went to work and school. I had just left my dream job to prepare for a career change. My job had become my passion, and had consumed my life. As I sat in my family room I began to realize that I had no idea who I was. I am still on a journey to figure it out.

My greatest fear right now is losing myself all over again, or telling myself that this is all just in my head. I am not really a writer, a creative, a book lover, a fitness fanatic, a person who enjoys a nice glass of wine, and Baroque music. It’s taken me two years to figure out what I enjoy, and I don’t want to lose that. Not when I am on the verge of discovering more.

I am a creative. Even on those days when all creative means is figuring out how to get more done in my day then humanly possible.

I am a creative when I use my imagination to create ideas that help others, and improve life. I am creative, and so are you.

Marcy Pedersen

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