Beauty Is Created When We Take the Time to Develop our Art.

Hurry, hurry, get it done, get it done

As a young woman I was constantly in a hurry. There was so much that needed done. I would quickly become overwhelmed at the amount of tasks that needed done, and because of that I was in a constant rush to get things done.

My motto for life was hurry, hurry, get it done, get it done.

By Wednesday of each week I had plans made for the weekend. By Sunday I had plans made for the week. I never wanted to let a moment go by unplanned. There is so much to do, hurry, hurry, get it done.

In Need Of An Anchor

My sense of creativity, and my life was in need of an anchor. Something to keep me grounded, and give me the opportunity to build something.

When I looked at home I saw a blank canvas that was in need of painting. I recognized that decorating was one of my creative outlets, but my hurry, hurry get it done mentality, kept me from really building anything.

As I matured I noticed that my rooms were nicely decorated, but that I hadn’t built anything. My life and my art were in a constant state of change, and it wasn’t leading anywhere.

Time taught me that the process of development is beautiful. There is something amazing that happens in us when we take the time to create a beautiful piece of art, over time. If we miss the process we will miss the true art that lies within us.

Seeing the beauty in development can serve as an anchor, and drive us towards an overarching goal. I no longer want to get it done just to be getting it done.  I want to create something with a particular end in mind.  I want to create something beautiful layer by layer.

Stop, Let’s Develop Something

When we moved into our current home, about 10 years ago, I was given a new blank canvas to create on. This time I would do things right. I had since found that I create beautiful spaces when I decorate around a theme. The theme serves as my lighthouse and keeps me on track until I get to shore.

Our library is decorated with a travel theme. I set the stage with paint, book shelves, window treatments, and a settee. I have spent the past 10 years adding the rest. Something beautiful is developing that is indicative of who I am and who I am becoming.

We have since updated the paint and furniture, but I allow the decor to develop over time adding pieces as we go along. Because of this I have things I would have never had if I had just went out and bought everything at once.

I have small statues from Africa, a globe from a yard sale, travel memorabilia from family that has passed away, a growing collection of books that I have picked up from cities I have traveled to, and pieces that I have created from thrift store finds.

Something beautiful is developing. Something that would have never had my heart and soul if I had simply hurried to fill a room. Through the process I am developing as well, and seeing the beauty that comes when we take the time to develop.

Let’s be mindful of the benefit that time and development have in our creativity. There are no shortcuts to creating our masterpiece. We need the process to create a work of art. It is what is required.

Marcy Pedersen

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