It Was a Year Before I knew what I was doing? Following the Right Brain/Our Creative Intuition

I want to spend some time blogging through Ned Hermann’s book The Creative Brain. I found this book on one of my book store trips/scavenger hunts. When I go to a bookstore I often look for books that fit a topic I am studying, and I browse for books that are new to me or introduce me to a new topic. This book met both criteria. I am interested in creativity and I have never read a book about the brain.

In this book Hermann states,

“It was a full year before I knew why I was doing any of these things.” (pg. 51)

Now this statement sums up my life! I am doing many things and am really not sure why. Well I have an idea why. I have something telling me that the things I am doing will lead somewhere and fit in with my life goals, but when I do these things everyday it makes no sense to me.

Oh, but thank you Hermann for letting me know I am not crazy. I am just following my right brain.

Hermann did figure out why he was doing all those things. He kept following his right brain intuition and it all led him to develop the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. Hermann didn’t know that all the things he was doing would lead up to anything at all, but it did. He believes that this is proof that our right brain has an instinct for doing the right thing even when our left brain doesn’t consciously understand why it is doing things, or when or how they will work out.

The Epiphany Came

Guess when Hermann figured out what was going on? “Right in the middle of my presentation I stopped and said to the audience, ‘My God! I think this might be the basis for a brain dominance instrument.’”.

Hermann kept doing things and it was when he was presenting his research that he had the epiphany he had been waiting for. The explanation of what it all meant. In front of a group of people it all came together. After this event he would make a few changes to what became the brain dominance instrument.

What If I?

How many times have you thought that? What if I…..

I have these thoughts on a constant basis. It’s one reason why I carry around what has become my creative journal. My journal is a place where I can capture ideas, and review them to determine their viability.

Hermann was on a focused quest to prove his idea of a dual brain. A brain that operated at times using the left brain and at times using the right. All the things he was doing that didn’t make sense were focused on this idea. I think that is a key point to remember.

I may write down twenty ideas a day in my journal, yet I may not have the skills, talent or resources to act on them. They may also not fit in with any part of my life. We need an overarching goal or idea to guide our right brain. For Hermann it was proving his dual brain theory. What is your goal?

We should act on our ideas even when they don’t make sense, as long as they fit in with the general direction of our lives, or an overarching idea. If we act in this way we can be sure that the left brain will make sense of it all, and we can look forward to our own epiphany.

Marcy Pedersen



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