Admitting the Truth of Who We Are: 1st Step Towards Creating Something Great

If we can’t be honest about who we are how can we create something great?

If we hold back, or hide who we are we won’t create anything genuine?

If we don’t exercise who we are in daily life we won’t be able to express who we are through our art because it will be buried?

Why Aren’t We Truthful?

“I think people aren’t truthful about themselves a lot of the time, they may feel like they have to be at a job or be in a certain place in life because it’s benefiting other people financially, but in truth it’s not benefitting anyone involved, you are emotionally and physically unhappy and it affects the relationships around you, by being truthful to yourself and saying ‘you know what I’d like to go do?  and then doing it releases stress you’ve been putting on your body and on other people.” Samantha Dyer

Perhaps we don’t admit who we are because we are afraid of what people will think, because we believe it won’t fit in with the life we are “supposed” to live, or because we are afraid of change.

My day job is not a reflection of who I am.  It pays the bills and provides some opportunity for my future, but it is not a place where I can express who I am.

Only a couple people in my life share my passion for creativity, books, ideas, lively conversation, and a desire to learn.  I am generally surrounded by people who do not think about, talk about or desire to create or appreciate art.

I feel lost, sad, and oppressed.  I am often rebellious.  I have a passion that I can’t share and get angry because there is no one to share it with.  I go days, and years without an ounce of support for my creative goals and dreams.  I am parched, dry, and lost.

Being Truth About Who You Are

“You are happier being truthful to yourself, it’s always best to be truthful and fair to ourselves and who we are. “ Samantha Dyer

Samantha is my daughter, friend and creative counselor.  She is one person I can talk to.  We have fun discussions about life, creativity, ideas and dreams.  We need these discussions.  You may need them to.

Samantha has taught me a lot the past few months.  She has dreams and is not afraid to go after them.  She has ideas and is not afraid to try them.  Even though she may not have the support she needs, she goes after them.  She has given me an example of how to live.

Samantha reminded me that we should not try to fit in or settle.  We need to be truthful about who we are and what we want to do.  I love her for that.

Who am I?

I am a creative.  I carry a “go-bag” around with my books and journals.  I can’t leave the house without my laptop.  I mean who knows when an idea will hit, or when I will get the opportunity to sit somewhere new and write.

I prefer to be alone, and study and read.  I have topics that I want to explore.  I am not sure why, it’s just what I do.  I collect books and resources that cover the topic and then I take a year to learn and collect information.

I live to read.  I can’t even go a few days without reading.  A good day is a day when I can sit in my library, read, study, contemplate, write, and dream.

That’s who I am.  Who are you?  I really want to know.

Who is the person inside that no one knows about?

Are you a sculptor, tattoo artist, painter, writer, seamstress?

Who are you?

We need to be who we really are.  It is only then we will find any happiness.  It is only then we will truly be able to create as an expression of who we are.

Who are you?  I want to know.  Comment below.  Creatives need other creatives.

Marcy Pedersen

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