We All Live Somewhere: Creativity At Home

It’s not about the place.

It’s not about where we live.

It’s about what we do with what we have.

Some people say, when I move then…..

When we get the bigger house then….

When I get the money then…..

Home is:

  • a one room cave in the rocks
  • thatched roof cottage with ceilings
  • a clearing in the woods
  • a camper
  • a trailer
  • a tent in the desert
  • a hut in the jungle
  • a tree house
  • a room in someone else’s home
  • a train
  • an apartment
  • a castle
  • a palace
  • a mansion
  • a suburban home

Home is our spot in the world.  It’s what we call home.

“It seems to me that whether it is recognized or not, there is a terrific frustration which increases in intensity and harmfulness as time goes on, when people are always day dreaming of the kind of place in which they would like to live, yet never making the place where they do live into anything artistically satisfying to them.”  (Schaeffer, pg. 66)

If we won’t make our current home something great, we won’t make our future home something special.

A home is an expression of yourself.  Our home should communicate something of ourselves.  It should satisfy something within us.  We should feel “at home”.  It’s a place where we can create, and display our greatest art.

A friend of mine taught me how to pour love into a home, and make it a special place for friends and family.  Her home is an expression of herself.  The colorful paint reflects her free spirit.  The antiques reflect her nostalgia.  The thriftiness of her purchases reflects her care for her finances.

I have spent many nights in her living room.  She has a comfortable couch and two chairs sitting in front of her fireplace.  The room is filled with beautiful knick knacks, books, decor and home made curtains.  In the winter she lights a fire, makes hot tea, and lights candles.  The warmth of the room enhances lively conversation.

There is no other place I would rather be.  When you visit her home you have an experience.  An experience that stays with you, and that you will want to quickly duplicate in your own home.  Can you imagine coming home after work to a home like that?

Beautiful art should be displayed in everyday life.  It can be, when we express ourselves in our home.  We don’t need to wait until we have enough money.  With some creativity and thoughtfulness we can create a masterpiece with free or cheap items.

Always to dream, but never do anything is a waste of creativity.  If you create when you have nothing, think how much more you will create when you have something.

Live a creative life, everyday.

Marcy Pedersen

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