Cooking With Olive: Cheryl’s GOOD Brownies

There was an amazing woman who lived in Southern Indiana.  She married a hard working man and they had four daughters.  This woman raised her daughters, they married and the family grew.

Her name was Olive.  Olive was my great grandmother.  About 15 years ago, my dad put together all of Olive’s recipes in a special book for our family.  In it were her recipes, and some of her favorites.

One of her favorite brownie recipes is my mom Cheryl’s recipe.  Above is the recipe.  I made a batch of brownies for work today.  I work with a group of people who say they don’t have “time” to cook.  So I wanted to show off a little.  No box mix for me.  I made homemade brownies and icing, and they were a hit.

Olive lived until she was 102.  She lived on her own, and was active until the last 6 months of her life.  She was full of life, and embraced it with zest.  She maintained a garden, drove herself, cooked, sewed, crafted, and served others until the last months of her life.

When I heard the ladies at my office say they didn’t have time to cook I thought of Olive, mama.  She would have had a fit if she thought I didn’t have the get up and go to throw a pan of brownies together, and if I didn’t make homemade.

The recipes in her book are special because she was special and because they were gathered over her lifetime.  When I cook a recipe from her book I think of her, her vigor, and love for life.  I am taken back to a time when the Internet, phones, computers, and hectic life styles didn’t distract people from cooking for their family.

I hope you will try these brownies out.  It’s an easy recipe that tastes great, and will show up any box mix.  When you cook these you will be cooking with Olive.    I will be adding more recipes soon.  Enjoy.

Marcy Pedersen

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