Connecting Ideas to Life: Inspiration from Old Books

Connecting Ideas to Life

I love old books.  I recently went to a bookstore filled with new books.  They were all on sale for $1.00.  I should have been so excited and busy filling up carts full of books like everyone else, but I was bored.  I was bored until I saw a small section of old books.  It was then I started filling up my book bag.

I am excited because I have defined my pathology, or hobby.  Not sure which it is.  When I want a new book I look to Amazon.  I normally have a purpose for purchasing those books. My pathological condition is to hunt old books in used book stores.  It’s like I am Indiana Jones searching for the cup of Christ.

Used bookstores are filled with gems, treasures, and stories.  They are filled to the brim.  You have to take out your hatchet to weed through them all.  Oh what a joy that is.  I keep a list of what I am looking for in my Good Reads app on my phone.  I have certain categories that I normally stick to, but within them I am open to discovering hidden gems.

I am always on the outlook for inspiration.  Here is how these books inspired me, and how I am connecting them to life:

  1. Six Nonlectures:  The book with the big i.  The design on this reminds me of many magazines and websites.  They use a white background, and splash in a little color in article titles.  Fast Company does this.  This book cover reminded me of this.  It is copyright in 1951.  So it’s interesting to see the correlation.
  2. Charles Dickens: I like the choice of colors on this cover, the choice of typography, and the picture drawing.  In our world of selfies and Instagram, a picture like this is refreshing.  Simple, but gives me a visualization of Charles Dickens.  Copyright 1961.  I love things older than me.
  3. What psychology says about religion.  I have been reading books to do with Christian counseling and psychology for several years now.  I used to limit myself to reading just about Christian counseling, but now I search out books that can broaden my perspective.  I hope this one does that.  With a copyright date of 1958 I am excited to read something that is pre-Internet and social media.  A time when we did things a little bit different and weren’t writing to fit our blog or Facebook account.
  4. Roger Tory Peterson: This is a book about How to Know the Birds.  This is not a topic I normally read about, but I was amused by the author’s description.  Mr. Peterson is one of America’s foremost bird artists.  I never knew that even existed.  I didn’t know you could be a bird artist, or perhaps I just never thought of it.  I want to learn more about this bird artist.  To me bird’s symbolize simple faithful living, and I am open to learning more about them.

We can be inspired by so many things.  I could use my design inspiration to create a flyer or brochure.  The Dickens book can inspire me to use typography in new ways, or just teach me how others use it.  The psychology book can broaden my mind about the correlation, of lack of, between psychology and religion, and has given me a new way of looking at adding shapes to design.

Because of a simple trip to a bookstore I now know that there are bird artists, and have a new desire to learn what they do.  Can you imagine the inspiration that is waiting for me inside of these books?  I can’t wait to find out.  There is opportunity for growth and development within each page, and I can’t wait to discover that opportunity.

Unashamed book lover,

Marcy Pedersen


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